Monday, August 24, 2015

5 Basic Closet Staples that I Need to Get

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Hi there! I'm known amongst my close friends and family to shop for statement pieces. It's just been a habit of mine that works conveniently for my eclectic style. However, most basic and staple pieces don't often go on sale (if at all), so I'm severely lacking in those, something that I've only recently discovered. For some people, not buying statement pieces totally works for their style, but the whole 100% minimalist thing is not really my thing, but I still need those basic pieces to build my outfit on top of.
Keep reading for a look at a few of the closet staples that I really do need to get my hands on ASAP.
1. (preferably distressed) boyfriend jeans

Can you believe that I actually don't own a pair of these bad boys? I feel like it's all over my Insta feed and all over fashion blogs and just EVERYWHERE. I just find that retailers tend to price their ripped jeans at a significantly higher price than their regular ones which obviously makes total sense, but I've always found it a bit silly, hence the empty hole in my pants dresser that has yet to be filled.
My plan is to go to Salvation Army or Goodwill and get a pair of boyfriend jeans and rip them up myself, but I think that I'll eventually cave and get a pair from Zara or Gap or someplace because the odds of me finding a pair that fits just right at a thrift store is highly unlikely.
(left to right): Topshop Moto Hayden Ripped Boyfriend Jeans, Mango Angie Boyfriend Jeans, H&M Low-Rise Boyfriend Jeans
2. plain black (or white) long-sleeve tee

I can think of a million outfits that could put either piece to good use. It's a wonder I don't already own them, really. I'm probably going to invest in them because a) they're a closet staple so the name itself kind of already insinuates that you're supposed to spend quite a bit on them so they'll last long, and b) these tees need to be extra, extra black or extra, extra white. That dull colouring is a big no-no. I used to have a black long-sleeve, but the colour just faded and made it very clear that it wasn't truly black when compared with my then-black hair.
(left to right): River Island Slim V-Neck Top, J.Crew Vintage Cotton Long Sleeve, UNIQLO Supima Cotton Tee
3. little black dress
I almost want to curl up in a hole from embarrassment (I'm exaggerating - it's fashion, which should be fun and not that massive of a deal) that I don't actually have one. I have a polka-dot white and black short-sleeve skater dress that I've worn quite a bit, but not an actual LBD that can easily be dressed up or down. It's funny because even my friends who are so not into fashion own one. Get it together, J.
(left to right): Topshop Asymmetrical Sleeveless Dress, New Look Black Suede Dress, Black Five Mesh-Overlaid Long Sleeve Dress
4. relaxed black blazer
After looking through plenty of fashion bloggers' photos and Instagram and Pinterest, it's pretty clear that a simple piece like this can be worn in so many different ways and is such a vital item in one's closet. You can usually disguise the little amount of money you spent on other pieces like dresses or graphic tees, but that doesn't work with blazers because they're just meant to be worn in more formal situations where you have to look proper, you know? Not like you just bought a $20-blazer from the sale section in Forever 21.
(left to right): LUCLUC Boyfriend Blazer, Abercrombie Relaxed Blazer, H&M Jacket
5. chelsea (heeled) boots

I have a lot of boots and I have a decent collection of heeled shoes, but I don't have any heeled boots that work well for the fall and wintertime. I only own a pair of black lace-up platforms that don't give off the casual but put-together vibe that I'm going for. These can be worn with dresses, skirts, jeans, shorts... just about anything really. While I don't know when I'll actually be getting these because I'm trying to be a bit more closefisted with my money right now, I'm excited for the outfits that I'll create once I do get them.
(left to right): Nordstrom Rack Chelsea Booties, ASOS Mixed Leather Ankle Boots, Dorothy Perkins Taupe Leather Boots
Which of these closet staples do you own/want to own? Any other ones you'd like to add to the list? Which items in your closet do you consider staples/basics? Share your findings in the comments below!
Thank you so much for reading!
- J

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