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Sunday Funday: August 9/15

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Hi there! Another week has passed, meaning that I'm a week closer to starting school again, which totally sucks to think about. I was hoping to get this up earlier, but I just wasn't feeling it last night to be honest. I'm totally feeling it now though, at like 11 pm on Sunday night. I still have an hour to go!

Anyway, after today's semi-eventful day, I'm now officially ready to wind down and give this blog a little love. Keep reading for what I've been up to this past week!

feeling better

After writing my post on Wednesday and finally talking to someone about stuff just made me feel a lot better. My problems didn't just magically vanish into thin air, but I'm conquering them one by one and I feel like I can move forward, which is nice. Anddd hopefully I didn't jinx anything by writing that.

sushi obsession

I've joked about my obsession with sushi before, except it wasn't really that much of an obsession. I just craved it every other week or so (usually less, haha) and said the phrase "we should go out for sushi" or "I just want sushi NOW" and "I just LOVE sushi" about five times a week. I didn't actually eat sushi more than once every 2-3 months.

However, lately I've been having sushi a bit more often. In the past 2-3 weeks, I've had it four times. I mean, I had boxed sushi twice this week, but it's still sushi. God, I love that stuff.

party planning

My 16th birthday is coming up in just a few days, so we're kind of going all out for this one. Not like crazy all out by renting a ballroom and getting people to come in gowns and stuff, but all out for a fun little house party. Anyway, I've been staying up late ironing out details with my mom and stuff (the cake itself is going to be a pain since I'm painting the design on, but hopefully it'll work out), which is both fun, but stressful because I don't want it to fail, especially since it's my 16th.

I'll definitely be posting some pictures and stuff in next week's Sunday Funday to give you guys a little taste of what went down. Well, unless it was a complete and utter failure, then don't expect to see any photos. :P I'm also making the majority of the clothes I'm wearing that day (I bought the top from Brandy), so I'll do a little post showing you the process as well. Oh! And if my makeup turns out well, you'll see a GRWM on my YouTube channel, too. Otherwise, it'll just end up being footage that I'll have to delete. Sigh.

work clothes

Halfway through the week, I headed to the mall with one of my friends to do a little bit of shopping. I'd done some damage a few days before that because I was feeling a bit... crappy and just spontaneously bused to the mall to make myself feel better. There are probably cheaper ways to lift your spirits, but costs aside, it's quite an effective method, just saying.

Anyway, the point of me mentioning that was to say that I had a very specific goal of what I was going to get, just so that there'd be no way for me to veer from that and spend more money. I had to go buy some work clothes because I got a proper job, which is hella exciting for me. I had a seasonal position for a few months during holiday season last year, which was good experience for sure, so I'm excited to start working again.

For once, I didn't get distracted, something that I was very happy about. I just bought my work clothes, a lipstick for my mom, lunch, and left the mall. Mission: success!

sat studying

I'm not going to lie, I'd been slacking off with the whole SAT studying thing. Being in a rut for most of July didn't prove to be the best way to get motivated and while nothing changed that month, we are well into August now and I've gotten my act together. Aha, that makes it sound as if this has been an on-going thing this month - I assure you, that is not the case. I just got a bunch of studying done today and I'm just really happy about that. There's something about being productive that puts this massive smile on my face.

Are you a big fan of sushi? What would you have at your ideal Sweet 16? Have you taken the SATs before? If so, how'd you find them? Leave me a comment below sharing your thoughts!

Thank you so much for reading!
- J

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  1. I'm glad you're feeling better! The problem might stay for a while, but coping it with people you trust makes it a lot easier.
    I love sushi too, but I don't eat them very often as it can be a bit pricey here. What a shame.
    Oh, and I read this on the 13th, so I don't know whether your birthday has passed or not. Anyhow, happy birthday! I hope you have fun, and I definitely look forward to the pictures ;)
    I haven't (and won't probably ever) take the SATs, as I don't live anywhere near the states, but I've been through a big exam and will take an even more important one next January (damn you, exam, it's my birthday month! My 18th, no less.) So yeah, revising is pretty much my life right now, and boy, days when I get my act together and be productive is incomparable. When are you taking the SATs? Just asking, because the education systems seem to be very different in every country.