Thursday, August 6, 2015

VIDEO: July Favourites, New York Haul, and New York Adventures!

Hi there! I just posted three new videos recently - one's a monthly favourites full of the stuff that I've been loving in terms of beauty, fashion, music, and TV, the other's a haul of a bunch of bits and bobs I got on my vacation to New York, and the last one's a vlog-type thing about my trip. If you're interested in watching dozens of minutes of me talking or of some delicious food and pretty sights, I'd highly suggest checking them out. ;)

Also, just a FYI, I'll be posting on Mondays now instead of Sundays. I mean, I love Sundays, but I feel like Mondays don't get much love at all, so I thought it'd be nice to brighten up your Monday mornings/afternoons with a video instead of uploading when every single other YouTuber in the world uploads on Sunday afternoons.

july favourites

new york haul

new york adventures

Thank you so much for reading!
- J

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