Friday, April 5, 2013

Best Dressed: Week of April 1st: Olga Kurylenko


This "Best Dressed" title might be a bit misleading for those of you looking for the 20-slide or so collection of fancy celebrity looks of the week.  For me, Best Dressed means that I'm going to pick a look, or more than one depending on the week, that I absolutely adore from anyone, and I'm going to feature here. 
I stumbled upon this photo on Elie Saab's Instagram of Olga Kurylenko who stars as Julia Rusakova in the new sci-fi movie, Oblivion along side Tom Cruise.  The movie is set in 2073, 60 years after an alien invasion that almost destroyed Earth.  I guess we better be on the lookout for an alien invasion theory some time soon, heh?

Personally, I find it so hard and nearly impossible to tell how much of the celebrity's actual style is in any outfit that they wear that graces the red carpet, or anywhere to be honest.  So I really don't really think I can say that she styled this perfectly, but I think that this outfit is simply stunning.  Well, mostly the gorgeous Elie Saab dress, but you know, same thing. 
The Elie Saab dress itself is like a piece of art, so delicate and feminine and the details on this dress are just phenomenal.  I never would've thought to have that kind of a print on the hem of the dress.  It's those little, seemingly unimportant details that make the dress just so much more unique.
Pairing the busy dress with nude pointed Louboutins were such a good choice, especially since they elongate her legs that were in danger of looking stubby due to the length of the dress.  The playful ponytail made the dress a bit more flirty, which I love.  The pop of red lipstick just topped everything off, because without it, the whole outfit would be wavering on the extremely thin line between looking grandma-like and taking in vintage inspiration.
All in all, I absolutely love this outfit, especially the gorgeous, gorgeous dress.  Let me know in the comments your thoughts on what Olga wore. 
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