Thursday, April 25, 2013

Spring Outfit Inspiration: Prints Charming

Spring Outfit Inspiration Prints Charming
Okay, forgive me for the exceptionally lame title - I actually love it so much.  I guess I'll start calling this my Spring (Outfit) Insipiration series, like officially calling it a series because it sounds so much cooler.  Anywho, on to the outfit.
I was just looking around on ModCloth the other day and saw this ridiculously cool hoodie.  Mint and pink are amongst my favourite colours for the spring and combining them is just genius.  It's pretty pricey, at least for a hoodie in my opinion, but honestly, a regular hoodie is just fine.  I wanted bring a certain quirky quality to an otherwise girly outfit. 

When I was shopping around for the pieces in this outfit, almost everything made me feel, "OHMYGOSH I need that!"  I absolutely adore this outfit, so this is pretty much my style, but my girlier side. 

This might be a bit too dressy for school for some of you, but if you do want to get a little dressed up...

1.  Charlotte Russe Double Finget Bow Ring
2.  UO Love Lace Sunglasses
3.  Forever 21 Opulent Rose Studs
4.   ModCloth Leipzig Hoodie
5.  Anthropologie Ines Necklace
6.  ModCloth Ivory Skies Dress
7.   Forever 21 Lacey Marled Stripe Socks
8.  Urban Outfitters Carrot Polka Dot Backpack
9.  Hinge Fraser Oxfords
I hope you liked it and thanks for reading!
- J


  1. So many great pieces here! I like the dress, the hoodie, and the sunglasses.