Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Five Prom Dresses Under $200

prom dresses under $200

This is just a continuation of my prom series.  Enjoy! (at least I hope you will)

Lace and Bolts prom dresses under $200

I fell in love with the lace on this dress.  It's just really delicate but edgy at the same time, which I love.  Instead of those drop earrings, I think that an ear cuff would look really nice with this dress.

1.  ModCloth Dreams and Sugar Dress
(If the dress doesn't get stocked or if it isn't dressy enough... ModCloth Long Time No Filigree Dress)
2.  Marc by Marc Jacobs Tiny Bolt Ring
3.  Marc by Marc Jacobs Bolt Drop Earrings

I really like how delicate this ring is, but I probably wouldn't spend so much money on it since it could be easily DIY-ed. It won't be identical, but if you happen to have a bolt laying around and some 20 gauge silver wire, take some wire and wrap it around each side of the bolt around a marker, creating the ring. If this was a bit confusing, I might do a "full" DIY tutorial on it sometime soon.

4.  Jewelmint Kolkata Bracelet
(If that one sells out...): Jewelmint Sun Dial Bangle
5.  Rebecca Minkoff Vincent Metallic Clutch
6.  DV Dolce Vita Peep Toe Platform Ankle Sandals
Chunky brown leather wedges or the "glazed" cork heels would work well, too.

Shifting Emeralds prom dresses under $200

This dress is just stunning and it's pretty affordable, which is always a plus.  Since the dress is such a big statement, I tried to keep the rest simple and the red clutch is just a nice bold, but simple, contrast.
1.  Motel Gabby Dress
2.  Topshop Diamond Articulated Earrings
3.  Jewelmint Gold Metal Mosaic Ring
4.  Nasty Gal Chemistry Platform Pump
(Alternative: Madden Girl Getta Nude Pump)
5.  Aldo Bernell Clutch

In the details... prom dresses under $200

This ensemble was inspired by what Taylor Swift wore to the American Music Awards this year.  Of course her dress was prettier (in my opinion) and more intricate and detailed, but this is a nice cheaper alternative.  I changed up a few things and added others like the red accents, but it was my take on the outfit.

1.  Topshop Embellished Bodycon
2.  J. Crew Golden knot earrings
3.  Kenneth Jay Lane Statement Red Cocktail Ring
3.  ModCloth Five Speed Clutch
4. DV Dolce Vita Platform Sandals - Balla High Heel

Lady In Red prom dresses under $200

I think that a red gown is just so gorgeous, so I picked this one.  I realise that I get readers from everywhere, but since a lot of you guys are from the States, I figured that I would have a dress option from Rent the Runway.  If you don't know what Rent the Runway is, it's basically a site where you can rent designer dresses for a fraction of the price, which is great if keeping your prom dress forever isn't a big deal to you.  I wanted to make the outfit a bit more modern and unique, so I picked this amazing clutch, but if going the traditional route is more your thing, I'd suggest a simple black or gold structured clutch.

1.  Badgley Mischka Faye Chiffon Gown
(Alternatives: ModCloth Strapless Gown, ModCloth Ember Dress)
2.  Baublebar Peach Gloss Enamel Necklace
3.  Anne Klein Triple Drop Earrings
4.  J. Crew Golden gears bracelet
5.  Jewelmint Bambina Cameo Ring
6.  ModCloth Mum Enchanted Evening
7.  GUILTY Contrast Heel Courts

Pop of Mint prom dresses under $200

This is a bit more of an adventurous outfit, I guess is the word to describe it.  Most people probably will opt for dresses, so I wanted to do something different with a two-piece. 

1.  H&M Top with Peplum
2.  Baublebar Mint Leaf Marquise Drops
3.  ModCloth Creme de la Creme de Menthe Necklace
4. ASOS Bike Chain Bracelet
5. Aldo Spiller Clutch
6.  TopShop Premium Grid Embellished Skirt
(If you have a bit more money to spend... Nordstrom Satin A-Line Skirt)
7.  Forever 21 Metallic Trim Slingbacks

So that's that.  I hope you enjoyed this and I'll be back with a dresses under $300 and $500 post soon!  Thanks for reading!
- J


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    1. I definitely agree. Spending a ton of money won't necessarily guarantee you the perfect dress.

      - Juliana

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