Thursday, April 4, 2013

7 Must-Have Galaxy Pieces

Galaxy Trend

Some of you might not like this trend at all, you might think it's tacky, like it's science class on a t-shirt or something, but I personally love the galaxy trend that seems to be popping up everywhere.
In school, I've never actually liked science at any point in time.  I honestly think I hated it, so I guess it's kind of ironic or hypocritical or whatever that I'm pretty obsessed with the galaxy print.  I'm not a fan of the prints with large, more noticeable dots for stars because I think it looks kind of tacky, but I love love love the ones where the colours seem to blend seamlessly into each other and just look so dreamy.
To me, this print is just so different from your ordinary polka dot print, or floral print, etc. and it's a edgier and different and I love things like that.  Adding some edge to my outfits is something that I'm always trying to do.  I don't try to go too extreme in one direction for my outfits.  If I'm wearing a delicate pink chiffon dress with a creamy knit cardigan that gives a very girly and feminine feel, I'll throw on a pair of black studded boots to balance things out.  I'm kind of weird that way.  I think that the galaxy trend will just be a really cool addition to anyone's closet.

Forever 21 and Nasty Gal are amongst a few places where I found a lot of really cool and pretty affordable galaxy clothing and shoes if you guys are interested in this trend but don't want to break your piggy bank while you're at it.

1.  Forever 21 Solar System Muscle Tee
2.  Etsy Galaxy Earring Studs
3.  Nasty Gal Cosmic Daze Tee
4.  Nasty Gal Cosmic Fate Skater Skirt
5.  Forever 21 Celestial High Tops
6.  Charlotte Russe Galaxy Print Lace-Up Bootie
7.   H&M Trousers
The F21 muscle tee isn't exactly the "traditional" galaxy print, but it's an affordable option if you're .really into this trend but don't want to spend like, say, $30-$40 on something so "trendy."  There's actually an online store dedicated to all things galaxy print called GalaxyLegs and their stuff is really, really cute and there are a lot of options.  It's at around the price range of Forever 21, maybe a bit more expensive, so if you're fond of online shopping and are a fan of this trend, I'd suggest you check out that site.
If you're a fan of DIY-ing, I found this amazing video of a girl who painted some black shoes that she got and galaxy-fied them with things you can pick up at your local craft store.  It's really worth checking out if you haven't already.
Like with any trend, I think to myself, "Is this just another trend?"  Despite how much I love it, I think it is indeed "just another trend," but it'll be fun to bring out something with a galaxy print every once in a while after the trend has moved on.

I'll leave you with a photo of some beautiful galaxy Lita's (or Lita-like platforms).  I hope you enjoyed this and leave me a comment telling me which galaxy piece was your favourite.  I'll be doing a follow-up post on how to style some of these galaxy pieces soon, so be on the lookout for that. 
galaxy trend lita's
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  1. Love the galaxy print... so special... nice inspirations... I like pants! :)

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