Monday, April 22, 2013

Eco-Friendly Fashion: Let's Do Our Part

earth day eco-friendly fashion

Happy Earth Day everyone! 
Since today is Earth Day, I wanted to kind of showcase that.  It's our home and though every day is supposed to be Earth Day, I feel like every year when April 22nd rolls around, it's another harsh reminder to take better care of our home.  Who knows, maybe we'll decide that 2013 is the year.

I'm just going to update you guys quickly on what's going on with the blog.  I'm going to be posting every single day now, not just weekdays, just so you know. :)  Anyway, on to Earth Day.

 I'll admit, I'm guilty of not being very eco-friendly and "poisoning" our Earth.  But I think us bloggers (and everyone, to be honest) are all kind of guilty of that.  But something that we have a bit more control over is our clothes, how we dress ourselves, specifically what we dress ourselves in.  I didn't really think of clothing as something that could affect the Earth, but now I realise that it actually can.

Stella McCartney is a designer who's a big activist in that department, particularly bringing the fashion world's attention to the matter.  She doesn't use any fur or leather or anything animal-related in her collections, which I really admire, despite my love for my leather jackets (which are always faux, by the way).

H&M has come out with a new line that I'm absolutely obsessed with of eco-friendly pieces called the Conscious collection, which you should definitely check out if you haven't already.  In addition to that, H&M is collecting used clothing items from any store, any brand to promote green living, which is really neat.  So if you have an H&M near you and need to clean out your closet, drop off your clothes there!

But enough talking about buying new products, new pieces, new clothing.  

Buying from thrift or vintage shops is the fashion equivalent of recycling and reusing.  Thinking about it, it's so much better to mix a bit of vintage or thrifted clothing in your wardrobe every once in a while (or more often) because a) you're taking part in preserving the Earth, and b) you will have that unique piece that only you have.

Down below, I put together an outfit using only items that are environmentally-friendly from stores, everything from H&M to People Tree, the brand Emma Watson (love her, by the way) designed for last year.
Nature's Best Friend eco-friendly fashion

1.  People Tree Ceramic Teardrop Ring
2.  Peter Jensen Cat Print Tee
3.  Urban Renewal Floral Patchwork Jean 
4.  Poketo Sol Watch
5.  People Tree Triangle Earrings
6.  ModCloth One Way Ticket Bag
7.  Lilikoi Olive Circle Scarf
8.  H&M Sandelettes

For this outfit, I wanted to try out the "Mom" jean vibe and I found this pair on Urban Outfitters from their Urban Renewal line which is basically when they take deadstock fabrics to make new clothes and they clean it and redye it and everything.  I would tuck the shirt in only in the front to make it a little bit more polished, adding to how casual and distressed it feels at the moment.  To dress it up a bit, I'd add a dark red lip. 

This year, I'm really going to try my best to be a little bit more eco-friendly and have the Earth in mind when I'm going through my daily routine.  I want to do my part in preserving our home for future generations to come (sorry for my cheesiness and for being so cliche).  And you should, too.
Thanks for reading and leave me comment letting me know what you think of the outfit down below!
- J

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