Wednesday, February 4, 2015

7 Most Inspiring Gowns from Spring Couture

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Hi there! In last week's Sunday Funday, I talked a bit about how a few simple (okay not actually because it's couture, but you get the idea) dresses just got me back into the swing of things and got me inspired again. Keep reading for a few of my favourites!

Image Credit: Yannis Vlamos via
This beautiful star explosion is just incredible, especially in contrast to the deep blue fabric reminiscent of a starry night. The neckline is also so different and fresh, as well.

Giambattista Valli
Image Credit: Yannis Vlamos via
There were some really impressive, full-on ball gowns in his couture collection for the spring, but one that I was particularly intrigued by was this gorgeous and offbeat one with the unexpected skirt underneath a much more voluminous one.

Jean Paul Gauthier
Image Credit:Yannis Vlamos via
The whole laid-back bomber jacket with the much fancier and dramatic ball gown skirt make for such a lovely combination and vibe that I can't wait to recreate in a bit more demure way.

Zuhair Murad
Image Credit: Yannis Vlamos via
While this isn't technically a gown, the simple shape and sweet buttercup yellow colour caught my eye the moment I saw it in the slideshow.

Image Credit: Kim Weston-Arnold via
The amount of floral details on the dresses for the show was just so captivating and mesmerising and this skirt especially is just so breathtaking. The way the different colours work so well to complement each other is just incredible. 

Alexis Mabille
Image Credit: Kim Weston-Arnold
I'm always a fan of dramatic shapes and silhouettes, so this one is definitely no exception.

Image Credit: Yannis Vlamos
I've been a fan of the midi shape for skirts and dresses for a while now and this one is just delightfully sweet and pretty, but the bold blue boots give it an unexpected edge, something that I'm always a fan of.

Which gown was your favourite? Do you have any others that I should add to my list? What inspires you? Leave your thoughts in a comment down below!

Thank you so much for reading!
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