Monday, February 23, 2015

DIY: Chanel Couture-Inspired Beanie

When Karl Lagerfeld sent models with floral-clad beanies down the runaway during Couture Week, the fashion world went absolutely bonkers over them. Since Chanel is Chanel (aka really pricey), I decided to do a super quick and easy DIY inspired by the show-stopping piece.

Keep reading to find out how to make this little guy yourself under $15! Quite the bargain compared to the original, I'd say. Plus, you can totally customise this to your own tastes so you're not ripping off the three-figure original.


-  a beanie (preferably with lots of holes)
- 3 different kinds of flowers
- hot glue gun (& hot glue sticks, too!)
- scissors (I ended up having to use some heavy duty Mastercraft ones - wire cutters will work, too if you have the flowers with metal stems)

First off, it's a pretty good idea to keep your hot glue gun plugged in the whole time, preferably in your bathroom so you can take advantage of the mirror.

Cut your flowers off their stems.

Start by showing the little bit at the end through a hole of your beanie, once you're satisfied, apply glue all around and shove it in the hole, securing it in place.

Keep going at it this way (try to glue the flowers in pairs) for the rest of the hat!

When you turn your hat inside out and you see some extra bits of green of the stem poking through, be sure to cut it off so you don't scratch your head.

It's also a good idea to put the beanie on your head in front of a mirror when you're doing the front so you can see how the beanie will look like on you.

Just keep on going until you've covered the whole beanie!

Another thing you could do if you want to stay really true to the original hat is buy some fishnet tights, cut them up, and add them to the beanie. I just couldn't find a decent pair, so I didn't bother with it, but if you're up for it, that would be a really cool idea.

Thank you so much for reading!
- J

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