Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sunday Funday: February 1/15

Photo By Josefa Holland-Merten
Image Credit: Josefa Holland-Merten
Hi there! I know that I've been really MIA lately, for like that past two weeks or so. I've been a really crappy blogger and I apologise, but it's a new month and I couldn't be more excited about what February has in store for me with the blog as well as some new developments in my life that have made me incredibly optimistic about the future. Yes, that was rather vague, but I'll explain in a sec.

It's funny because before this week, I'd never really followed couture AT ALL. I'd always dismissed it as some really pretty dresses that are often even a bit too crazy for the red carpet. However, after seeing some of the photos in my Twitter feed, I couldn't help but feel so inspired. It's so strange because it wasn't even like an event or something happened, someone made an inspiring speech, or even if the photo was "cute" or whatever, it was just a photo of a model wearing a dress. Somehow, that was so inspirational to me and got me to really think about my blog again after my exam-studying/distracted-by-things-I-shouldn't-have-been-distracted-by hiatus. As you could probably guess, there'll be something couture-related coming up this week, as well.

Anyway, by that, I just meant that I will be getting back into blogging and, you know, actually posting content instead of just telling you how things have been through a Sunday Funday which I've been guilty of doing too many times. I guess I've been in a creative and non-motivational rut when it came to this for a little while, but don't you worry, I've got my mojo back! And I'm really, really excited about the schedule, just saying.

Most of the past two weeks have been spent studying for exams and finishing White Collar, an insanely awesome TV show my brother introduced me to, I'm not gonna lie. I'm sure all my friends are tired and you'll be tired of hearing me mention the show, so I'll end it here by saying that you should go check it out. ;P

On Wednesday, I visited a bunch of friends at their school to hang out for lunch, which despite the long commute, was really, really fun. Afterwards, K and I headed to a Tim Hortons nearby and just sat in there drinking hot chocolate and talking about anything and everything. I didn't realise how expensive Starbucks is until I only had to pay $2 for an absolutely delicious hot chocolate from Timmies. If you're ever there, add milk to the hot chocolate to make it so divine. One milk for small, two for medium, three for large, and so on. If it weren't for K, I'd still be ordering too-sweet mochas instead of this heavenly drink.

On Wednesday, I also grew quite fond of the library. After our visit and chat in Timmies, I bused back to a library super close to my house and studied for my history exam until dark. It was actually so relaxing and serene (and not to mention uber-productive!) that I will most definitely be retreating back there in the near future.

So exams have just wrapped up on Thursday and I had a lovely time out with a few friends afterwards for some sushi. While it was a fun time, it was a bit rushed because I had to jet off somewhere (not actually, just had an appointment to handle) and couldn't indulge as much as I'd wanted to.

On Friday, I was completely unproductive and spent the majority of my day just lounging around the house, and well, sleeping. Another goal for February is to actually get my sleeping habits together. If you know me in real life or are on Twitter, please yell at me to get to sleep by 10. It's not even that I do "useless" things, I just decide not to go to sleep and do something really productive that's not school-related. For example, I'm writing this at 11:46 pm when I should be sound asleep by now. Whoops. Good thing it's not February just quite yet.

Saturday (aka when I'm writing right now) was a really, really good day. I had my sewing class at the community college in town and I learned so much. I'm starting to be able to really picture taking these designs in my sketchbook to life without feeling totally daunted by the challenge. I've learned quite a bit today on construction and all that good stuff and got a lovely textbook to guide me through it all. Needless to say, I'm excited for what's to come with these new skills.

I think that's about it for now and honestly, there's probably more, but I'm too worn out to remember. It's going to be strange starting a new semester on Monday and not seeing the same familiar faces every morning, but exciting all at the same time. I'm excited about most of my courses (I have Business, Anthro, English, and Science) and it's going to fun learning so many new things in the next five months. Basically, there's just a lot to look forward to and I hope that you're lucky enough, or optimistic enough to have as much hope for the future as I do.

(That ended a heck of a lot more dramatic than I'd intended it to, but tell me what you've been up to and maybe some requests? That'd be AWESOME and I love you so much.)

Thank you so much for reading!
- J

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