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5 New Ways to Wear: Denim

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Hi there! Saying that a pair of jeans is a staple in my wardrobe would be the understatement of the year. Denim is such a big part of a huge chunk of the population. We (probably) own a least one pair of blue and black jeans and a few shades in between.

Because jeans are so normal, I wanted to share a few ways I think you could make your jeans look different, fresh, and unique. I mean, that's what Style Generis is all about, so why not?

Bring in that 70's flare.

3 Ways to Wear: Denim #1

When everyone's wearing skinnies, try bring something new (and boho) to the table with flared jeans!

1. ModCloth Court Gesture Tee
2. Urban Outfitters Time is Precious Necklace
3. Urban Renewal Diament Necklace
4. Chicwish Dip Dyed Cardigan
5. American Eagle Hi-Rise Artist Jeans
6. Forever 21 Gladiator Sandals
7. Karmaloop Bracelet

Bring back the 90's with the denim on denim trend.

5 Ways to Wear: Denim #2

Denim on denim is a trend that I really, really love because it's something really fresh and different. But beware! Be sure to pick different shades of denim to avoid looking to farmer-like UNLESS you really think you could pull it off.

1. H&M Denim Shirt
2. Forever 21 Spike Necklace
3. Old Navy Distressed Jeans
4. Target Wedge Sneakers
5. Nasty Gal Yin Yang Beanie

For a twist on denim on denim, go for a patchwork denim piece.

5 Ways to Wear: Denim #3

1. Ralph Lauren Western Shirt
2. Urban Renewal Jacket
3. Etsy Patchwork Denim Shirt

DIY a denim jacket.

Nette Nestea

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Denim jackets are like blank canvases, so go crazy with those DIYs! I've been trying to start accumulate a collection of denim jackets so I can just have a day/week/month/year of denim jacket DIYs!

Go for unexpected denim pieces, like denim sneakers.

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Try denim headbands, headwraps, caps, shoes, t-shirts, anything besides denim jackets, chambray blouses, and jeans. Of course, denim jackets and all that stuff is completely fine, but if you want to try something new...

What do you think of denim? Is it a big part of your wardrobe? Which tip was your favourite? Let me know in a comment down below! I'd love to read what you have to say!

Thanks for reading!
- J

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