Thursday, October 31, 2013

One of a Kind Finds: October 2013

OOAKF: October 2013

Hi there! Today is the 31st so that means two things: 1) it's Hallowe'en, so happy Hallowe'en, guys!, 2) it's the end of the month, so here's this month's One of a Kind Finds. If you don't know what this new series is, I first spoke about it in this post right here.

I actually bookmarked a ton of items this month, but I managed to narrow it down to eight blog-worthy items. Most of them have ridiculously crazy colours and prints while one of them speaks quite clearly for itself. See what I did there? Yeah, I do lame stuff like that. Click through for this month's list!

1. Modcloth Back in Blooms Boots

I had a big thing for prints this months, so it's no wonder that these psychedelic combat boots caught my eye. I was literally daydreaming about basic or monochromatic clothes that I could wear with that as well as crazy prints I could try to juggle with those boots for a good chunk of time after I saw them on Modcloth.

2. Nasty Gal Space Odyssey Tunic

Galactic art on a shirt? YES PLEASE. Imagine this tunic with leather leggings, chunky black velvet platforms, hair in a top knot, and John Lennon shades. Wouldn't that be cool?

3. ASOS Cartoon Clutch Bag

I find that accessories can really take an outfit to the next level. It doesn't make or break an outfit, but a crazy cartoon clutch wouldn't hurt, especially when you need a little something-something for that LBD, right?

4. Urban Outfitters Enchanted Cuff Earring

Ear cuffs have always been a trend that I admired from afar. I tried to make my own once and wore it to school, but it looked really weird, especially because I had glasses. Plus, it ended up on like five different guys' ears (don't ask, long story), I never wore it again. This ear cuff, however, rekindled my little love for them, which is why it made it on to this list. Haha, that makes it sound so exclusive. This is an exclusive list, guys.

5. ASOS Smocked Galaxy Dress

Galaxy print smocked dress. Enough said. You know (from the blog's earlier days) that I'm obsessed with galaxy print things and dresses are my everything. Put the two together and you've won my heart.

6. Chicwish Galaxy Creepers

Yet another galaxy print item, surprise, surprise. Ever since I saw clothesencounters's videos about creepers, I've gotten hooked on the idea of owning a pair of these lovely shoes. They are on the more expensive side of shoes (at least for me), but who says we can't daydream about owning a pair?

7. Modcloth Clear and Pleasant Ranger Boots

I was so fascinated by the thought of clear shoes when I saw these boots and started fantasizing about which socks could be worn inside these boots. They'd have to be pretty darn amazing to be worn with these clear boots.

8. ASOS Comic Print Socks

I just thought these were cool, to be honest. "Cool" is a word I tend to use a lot, nowadays and every time I carefully decide that it should be the adjective I use to describe whatever I am describing, it always seems to sum it up in a nice, little, four-letter word.

Which item was your favourite? What do you think of this series so far? Are you looking forward to the next one? Did you find any one of a kind finds this month? Leave your comments below!

Thanks for reading!
- J

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