Wednesday, October 23, 2013

5 Ways Fashion Made Me a Happier Person

Beautifully Imperfect.

Hi there! The fashion industry is universally known for being cutthroat and intense, but why dwell on the negative side of things when there's so many more positive things about it, right? Fashion has certainly created many hardships for me (which I will not get into), but it has all been worth it. At the end of the day, it makes me extremely happy over the past few years especially. Here are the ways fashion has added an extra-glimmery ray of sunshine in my life. Think of this post as an extra-strong cup of coffee on a glum Wednesday morning. Let's hope you hope you catch my drift.

1. It takes more muscles to frown than to smile.

Back then, not that I've been alive for that long, I used to be so judgmental and often, I'd only see the bad side of things and people way before they were able to reveal their values. I was honestly not that fun to be around. 

Fashion and style is essentially self-expression, and once I discovered fashion and truly saw it for what it really was, I became a lot more accepting and understanding. Instead of looking at someone's bold outfit and going, "OHMYGOSH why would she even think to step out of their house wearing that?", I'd say, "Congrats, girl for being bold and confident and not following the rules. High-five." See the difference? Once I started to change the way I think, it fueled my happiness.

2. It's just really fun.

You know that feeling when you've put together an outfit that you're ridiculously proud of and you can't wait to turn your regular city streets into your own personal runway? I think we've all felt that way at least once in our life. Before fashion was a "thing" in my life, I didn't have that much to look forward to, well besides the next Vampire Diaries episode, but that's irrelevant. In the morning, at night - whenever - it brings me a lot of joy (and sometimes stress, but in small amounts, stress doesn't hurt) to just sit there dreaming up outfits to wear or browsing fashion blogs for inspiration for my own, etc. I could go on, but I doubt anyone came here to read my rambles, so I won't.

3. Inspiration is rather contagious.

This kind of touches on the last point, but when you see someone get inspired, especially on fashion blogs (I'm a teensy bit biased), you can't help but get inspired as well. Or at least I can't. When I read about someone who gets inspired by a certain trend, an image, whatever it is, it starts my creative juices flowing, making me wonder how I can adapt it to my own life.

4. Shopping is my cardio.

Okay, this one's a little bit superficial and stupid, but it has to be said. I mean, someone has to follow Becky Bloomwood's legacy, am I right? Jokes aside, when I started to get really inspired on the fashion side of things, for many of the new outfits I put together in my head, it would be accompanied by, "Wouldn't it be great if I owned this clothing item, this necklace, these shoes, and this hat?" That eventually leads to shopping, which is a great source of pleasure for me, even when I don't even spend a penny whilst I'm there. It's hard to duplicate the feeling you get when you walk into a brightly-lit store to see new, sparkling clothes on the racks. It's even better when you leave with a new little treasure in hand, no?

5. The possibilities are truly endless.

I'm someone who really likes to think and could spend hours just laying there thinking and thinking and thinking. It's relaxing, soothing, and comforting to me. Fashion opened my mind up to so many different things, possibilities, concepts, and so many other things such as the path I want to take in life, etc. I'm only fourteen, but a girl can't help but dream big. 

Now, I really don't know what I'd do without fashion. I almost feel lost without it, as if it has become a huge part of me, which it really has. Is fashion the same for you? Does it make you happier? If so, how? Share your stories below!

Thank you so much for reading!
- J


  1. I love this post and your upbeat, positive attitude! Everything in life is perspective. Whenever possible, choose joy. Oh, and, when you get to be my age you'll discover that a smile is also the cheapest face lift. ; )


    1. Oh, thank you, Madge! I find that a smile can make any situation and anyone's day just a bit better.

      - Juliana