Thursday, October 10, 2013

Costume Inspiration: Tris from Divergent

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Hi there! Today is Style Generis's first ever Hallowe'en costume tutorial-type thing! Woot woot! To start off this year's series, I've put together two/three outfits inspired by Tris Prior from the upcoming movie/crazy awesome book Divergent by Veronica Roth. 

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Tris's style is pretty simple, especially considering that she pretty much trains every day and doesn't really have time to dress to the nines. This first outfit is just a simple workout outfit, but if you're planning to be Tris this Hallowe'en, don't forget to draw on some black birds (ravens, crows, etc.) on your collarbone with a black eyeliner or black paint!

Tris from Divergent #1

1. H&M Tank Top
2. Forever 21 Cropped Sweatpants
3. Target Wedge Sneakers

Tris from Divergent #2

This next outfit is for one of those nights when she's out and about inside the Dauntless boundaries with her friends. Or jumping off trains with Four, you know, the usual.

1. Esprit Leather Pocket Tee
2. Nasty Gal Sheer Velvet Bodysuit
3. ASOS Leather Look Pants
4. New Look Biker Boots

What are you going to be for Hallowe'en? Which outfit was your favourite? Are you excited for Divergent to come out in 2014? Let me know what you think in a comment below?

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- J


  1. I'm SO excited about the Divergent series, first Allegiant coming out in less than two weeks then the movie! *squeals* I think the first outfit is just the right Dauntless style in my opinion!:) Oh, and I sometimes like to imagine how the five factions dress it just me or is it a typical Divergent fangirl symptom? :p haha

    1. I really hope that Allegiant will be a good ending. I'm SO, SO excited about it. Just eleven days to go. :P

      - Juliana

      P. S. I think about what the five factions wear, too, don't worry. ;)