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Costume Inspiration: Roaring 20's Flapper Girl


Hi there! I remember last year, I really wanted to be a glamorous flapper girl from the 20's, but when I got to the costume shop, all the costumes didn't fit me and were ridiculously expensive (think $80+). I obviously didn't end up getting it and I just thought it'd be more fun to put together your outfit, as opposed to go out and buy one with all the pieces of the puzzle put together.

This year, after a friend mentioned to me that she wanted to be a flapper girl for Halloween, I decided to put together a little mini guide of how to achieve that and not (completely) break your wallet. Sure, there are a few pricier items here and there, but if you have the money, think it's going to be a staple in your closet, or think that it's simply an amazing piece, splurge on it. If not, DIY it!

The Outfit as a Whole

Down below are two outfit options (the first one's more inexpensive) to achieve that flapper girl look. If you're looking to recreate either of these, just visualise your closet and try to pick out which items you already have and build up the outfit from there. Unless you have an unlimited budget, I don't think it would be very sensible to go out and buy a new dress, a new headband, new earrings, a new necklace, a new bracelet, and new shoes just for Hallowe'en.

Costume Inspiration: Flapper Girl #2

1. ASOS Pearl Stud Earrings and Headwrap
2. Target Lace and Mesh Dress
3. River Island Long Pearl Necklace
4. Forever 21 Faux Pearl Bracelet
5. ModCloth Black Heels

Costume Inspiration: Flapper Girl #1

1. H&M Chiffon Dress
2. River Island Peal Earrings
3. Wetseal Pearl Knot Necklace
4. Forever 21 Night Moves Platforms

DIY Options

The Dress and Headband

This is an amazing video to recreate the flapper girl look. It includes a really inexpensive and easy way to recreate that classic, glamorous fringe dress and an easy way to DIY the feather headband. The other costume ideas in the video are amazing as well, especially Choupette!

The Headband

Image Credit

Here's a great DIY just for the headband! A few other options are this one, this one, and this one.

The Hair and Makeup

The beauty aspect of this costume is just as important as the clothes. If you don't have the right hair and makeup, you could just pass off as a random girl headed to a party or something, not a flapper girl. Michelle Phan's makeup tutorial for this costume is absolutely incredible and Let's Make It Up 1's hair tutorial is also really great for this costume as well. I also tried to find the tutorial I found last year that I found super helpful for creating a faux bob, so I figured that I might as well tell you that same way to recreate it.

Basically, what you do is curl your hair and create a braid that's a big loose at the top of the braid (so near the nape of your neck) and is tight for the rest of it. Tie it off with an elastic and tuck it and pin it under the floppy part of hair that's under that loose bit. Pin any loose bits of hair using bobby pins and you're good to go!

What are you going to be this Hallowe'en? Have you ever been or considered being a flapper girl? What do you think of the roaring 20's? I personally think that time was pretty magical on the fashion side of things. Leave your comments below!

Thanks for reading!
- J

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