Monday, June 16, 2014

DIY: Gold Star Wire Ring

Hi there! Well, what do we have here? Is this actually a DIY? Why, yes, it is! So yeah, today, you guys will be getting a DIY, something that I haven't done in way too long and have missed doing quite a bit. If you have any requests for a DIY, leave it in a comment at the end, tweet me, or write something on Facebook or I'd love some suggestions.

Anyway, this might look a bit familiar because the similar stars were in the gold star hair bow DIY I made around Christmastime (I even gave one away to a viewer!), but I've been loving stars lately, so I figured, why not turn it into a ring?

For DIYs, I generally gravitate towards wire because it's just really easy to use and pretty cheap, too. If you have a bit of wire, some pliers lying around (dads tend to have this stuff if you ask), a marker, and about an hour or so (the time completely depends on how big of a perfectionist you are), you have a dainty little wire ring in the making.

Keep reading to find out how to make this delicate star ring!


  • wire cutters
  • pliers
  • 20 gauge gold or silver wire - about 5-7 inches
  • marker about the size of your finger - make sure that it's as close to a cylinder as possible, not one of those weird ones with random lumps or whatever

Take a bit of wire and wrap it around the marker. Then, fit it on your finger and gently push on it to make it fit your finger as snugly (and comfortably!) as possible. 

Once you've got that figured out, cut the wire leaving a bit of excess at the two ends. Don't forget to leave the extra wire - you'll need it for later. Now, set the band of the ring aside.

Take the length of wire you cut off (it should be at least 4 inches long), and just keep bending and curving it with your pliers like as shown.

Once you've got your star, trim off the end and using a combination of your pliers and fingers, fix up the star a bit (you'll know what I mean by this when you make the star yourself) to get it to how you like.

Taking the band again, slip it through one side of the star and using your pliers, make a small bend at the end. It's supposed to wrap around on of the star, err, legs? You know what I mean.

(Just ignore that random piece of wire looping around on the "legs" of the star. That was a lapse in artistic judgement.) Using your pliers again, bend the wire over so it's securely around the "leg" of the star.

Repeat the same thing on the other side of the star.

There you have it! Your own little star wire ring that's super easy to make and pretty inexpensive, as well. When I saw something similar at Urban Outfitters, I was so tempted to get it, but the ring was tiny and didn't feel very substantial, and for $14, I knew I could just make it myself. So why buy it when you can DIY it, right? Well, there are tons of exceptions to that, but it does apply pretty well to this particular item.

What did you think of the DIY? What would you like me to DIY next? Are you a fan of stars? Leave your comments and share your thoughts below!

Thank you so much for reading!
- J


  1. Have you thought of making necklace, bangle or even a flower crown? I love flower crown <3

    1. I will definitely have to add that to my list now. Thanks Allison! - J