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Current Love: Kimonos

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Hi there! Kimonos were one of those pieces that I found a bit odd for people to be fawning over. I mean, the first thing I thought when I thought of the words were geishas not this boho trend that fits seamlessly into the Coachella scene. In summary, when I first found out about this kimono craze, I thought it was crazy.

After my prejudice, I saw more and more photos of the airy things and slowly fell in love with them. They're big and comfortable, the fringe is amazing, and I'm just a sucker for long pieces. Like big coats that hit at least mid-thigh, big cardigans that swallow my frame (but I don't really care, I just find a way to make it work), or maxi dresses or skirts. It's like a regal feeling, you know?

Image Credit: Sea of Shoes
It seems that by now, most have caught on to this little trend, just in time for Coachella, too, which is started on Friday. In this shot, I love how Jane from Sea of Shoes (I hope you all know who this lovely redhead is!) paired her printed peach cardigan with cuffed boyfriend jeans and metallic shoes to avoid making the look too bohemian.
bohemian chic style by Deborah M Lock
Image via Indulgy
You can't see much of the outfit in the photo, but I'm just in love with the gorgeous print on this one. Something about it just looks so darn inviting. It's also a really refreshing change to see a kimono being paired with a long skirt/dress (I can't tell) instead of pants or shorts.

Opium Kimono | Spell & the Gypsy Collective,
Image Credit: Spell Designs
Red is definitely a bold colour for a kimono and I really like how this one isn't soft and feminine like the other ones. It's edgy and bold, something that would be so much fun to play around with.

kimonos & cutoffs
Image Credit: Free People
Like the previous kimono, this one's got some edge, as well. Black fringe adds a whole new look to the piece and I really love how this one is styled with simple cutoffs with a dark tee tucked in and some buckled ankle boots. This blonde is sure not to be messed with. ;)

Image via Shopify
Finally, we have my favourite. At least, for now it is because it's really hard to decide. I absolutely adore how delicate and serene this photo is, but it's still not all that innocent. The cream with a slight hint of buttercup yellow kimono makes a wonderful background for the edgier bull graphic on the bank. There's fringe all along the sleeves and the hem of the piece, adding to that regal feel that I love. Plus, she's got pink tresses. What more could I possibly ask for?

What do you think of kimonos? Do you own one? Which out of the ones I've shown is your favourite? Leave your comments below!

Thank you so much for reading!
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