Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sunday Funday: April 20/14

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Hi there! This week has just flown by for me and I’m not sure whether to be happy or not. There are still a million things left on my to-do list, but for once, I’m not stressing too much, for once. I’ve actually been pretty productive, which makes me happy. Productivity makes me very happy.

Though this week has gone by incredibly quickly, lots and lots has happened. Come to think of it, I feel like a lot of it was important, but I can't seem to grasp the memories.

Anyway, one of the biggest developments in my life is that my mom is thinking about getting us both a personal trainer which I’ll admit, I was a bit, okay very hesitant about because even though my confidence levels are pretty stable in the other areas of my life, my athletic ability is still something I’m not that secure because I’ve spent the majority of my life not being very active aside from many, many swimming lessons as an elementary school kid.

My nerves eventually cooled off after a few days of giving it some thought and I’m actually getting really excited about it now. I’m sure I’ll be out of my mind nervous my first session, but for now, I’m really stoked. After exams, I haven’t been sticking to my workout schedule as religiously as I should and have been slacking off too much (I know, I’m bad), so this whole personal training thing will definitely and is definitely getting me motivated to get back into things.

To make matters even more… exciting (for me), I’ve started opening up to the idea of running outside. I’ve always envied those people pounding at the sidewalks with their iPods plugged in who went on runs every day and have always wanted to be able to do. After a semester of gym, I’d realised that I much prefer running outside and breathing in and feeling the fresh air on my skin to running on a treadmill or around in circles in a stuffy gym. I think I’m getting all excited because of the warm weather. Huh. 

I actually went out for my first "real" run outside yesterday and it was just lovely. I didn't push myself because I knew that even though my legs weren't that tired and I could've continued if I just pushed myself, I didn't quite like the foul taste that started in my mouth once I did.

My Easter weekend has been going really well so far. I went on a little roadtrip and visited my grandma on Good Friday which gave me the chance to pig out at a buffet, have a bit of fun, and get myself a little more dolled up than I usually do. I actually wore a teeny bit of makeup for once. I know, gasp. I’m a teenage girl and I don’t wear a mask of makeup on a daily basis (or at all, to be exact). Shocker.

We also had an Easter egg hunt at my grandma’s with Kinder eggs. KINDER EGGS. I was so excited and happy even though being in a dress made it a bit hard to go crazy hunting for eggs (I got my brother who was on my team to do most of the crouching down and crawling), but in the end, I got to eat some Kinder eggs, so that’s all that matters.

I was reunited with my middle school best friend (and she still is my best friend) yesterday and we just hung out, ate (a lot), and laughed. To put it simply, I had an awesome time reconnecting.

Like all the breaks I get from school, they will never seem long enough, but I'm really hoping to make this break worthwhile. After all, the days we have are precious.

What have you already done this Easter weekend? Have you ever had a personal training or heard anything about the matter? Thoughts on Easter egg hunts? Share your stories below!

Thank you so much for reading!
- J


  1. Ah,you'll enjoy jogging A LOT more outside! I mean, I always run outside, I can't even imagine how it feels like to run indoors; as you said, it's just stuffy inside :p. And don't worry about the personal trainer thingy. I mean, it'll be his/her job to give personalized training instructions :) . Gah, now I wish I had a personal trainer, too. :目

    1. I'm sure I will. After yesterday, I don't know how I even managed to run indoors - it's so freaking boring. I'm still a smitch worried about this whole personal trainer thingy, but thank you for the kind words. :D - J

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    1. Aha, yeah. :) I hope you like them because I plan on keeping these posts around for a while. - J