Friday, April 11, 2014

Style Diary: Sweater Weather

Hi there! I'm honestly so excited to give you guys a proper Style Diary today. I feel like it's been ages (a couple months, actually) since I've been able to take decent shots for you, but here it is! It's getting so much warmer now, thank God because it's already April and if we hadn't gotten spring by now, I would've been ready to throw a fit. 

Sweater: Calvin Klein Jeans | Cami: Smart Set | Leggings: Garage | Boots: Blowfish | Belt: Garage

For this outfit, I went for a cream tunic sweater with a low neckline. Of course, I would never (in the near future) wear this or anything that revealing without something underneath, so I added my favourite cream lace cami. To play up the whole angelic white/cream look, I added a braided white braid and tucked the end underneath itself. To cover up my legs I went for some knit leggings and to finish it off, my black Blowfish boots.

I know you have probably seen quite a bit of these boots, but I'm so in love with them. I've neglected cleaning them because I'm really liking the whole beat-up look that completes the feel that the studs have already started. They go with everything and have been through pretty much everything with me lately. I guess you could say that a lot of memories are now tied with these lovely things.

I'm under quite a bit of stress at the moment with lots of impending assignments, tests, an exam, etc. on top of my extracurriculars, so forgive me if I miss out on a couple days. I assure you, I'm not uninspired, I just have so much work to do that blogging has just been temporarily put on the back burner. I have most of my calendar filled up for the next few weeks, so if I manage my time wisely and don't break from spreading myself too thin, it should be smooth sailing for a while, so get excited for that. :)

What did you think of my outfit? How's spring where you are? Are you as crazy busy as I am at the moment? Leave your comments (and share your frustrations :P) below!

Thank you so much for reading!
- J

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