Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I Want Her Closet: Emma Stone

Image Credit: Revlon
Hi there! I first heard of Emma Stone was when she rose to fame with Easy A and I remember thinking that her acting was just brilliant and her humour was the best I'd heard in a while. In short, I loved her and her exuberant personality both on screen and off.

Emma is known for her cool and minimalist New Yorker style, but it wasn't something that I'd noticed until more recently and I'm kind of in love with it. It's not too fussy, is super simple and looks really comfortable. As usual, I picked out a couple street style looks and a red carpet one out of all of my favourites. Later, I'll do a Looks for Less post, so at the end, just let me know which outfits you'd like to see recreated whether or not I included it in this post. So let's get into it!

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Image Credit: E! Online
This photo is from pretty recently when she was just out and about. I love the shorter jacket length on her paired with the oversized dress shirt and loosely cuffed skinny jeans. The heeled ankle booties, matching brown leather bag, and quirky sunglasses add to the classy and effortless feel of the outfit.

Image via Cool Spotters

After years of following fashion, I've noticed that shirtdresses are very hard to pull off. They can either look like you've just done something naughty, like you don't have any pants on when you really should, or on a rare occasion, good. Emma managed to pull this off with the perfect fit, simple studded sandals, a black leather bag (the absolutely gorgeous Rockie) with black sunglasses and a brown suede hat to top it all off.

Something that I really love about Emma's style is how comfortable she always looks and how she doesn't seem to be trying too hard.

Image Credit: Cosmopolitan
When I first saw this photo, it certainly caught my attention. I never pegged Emma to be someone who'd wear something like this, but I think she pulled it off perfectly. It's a simple, bright red patterned jacket with a kimono feel paired with simple black Louboutins to keep the attention on the jacket. A bold choice, but I love it.

Image Credit: Zimbio
This is from a bit more recently, two days ago, to be exact, when she attended the MET Gala. She sported a sleeveless pink crop top with a high-waisted magenta skirt with a slit up one leg. You'd think that because she dyed her hair red again that she'd have to avoid brighter colours like these, but she made it look fun and just beautiful. I'm definitely thinking about playing with a pink on pink colour palette now.

Which outfit was your favourite? What do you think of Emma's style? What about her movies and her other work? Leave your comments below!

Thank you so much for reading!
- J

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