Monday, May 5, 2014

Motivational Monday: "I Want to be FAMOUS."

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Hi there! A couple months back, my English teacher told us that most teenagers nowadays when I asked about their career plans just wanted to be one thing: famous. A survey done on UK students had 54% of students answering that they planned to become famous by appearing on reality TV shows, or dating celebrities, and other tactics like that. Honestly, shouldn’t that be a bit, I don’t know, sad?

I’ve always been someone who had big dreams. When I was younger, even when I was getting influenced by other people to achieve something that I hadn’t realised I was necessarily that interested in, I still planned big and wanted to do something significant in the field. I never settled for something average or ordinary. Which is why it’s such a shock to me that such a big chunk of teenagers are ambitious but in my opinion, in the completely wrong way.

With the influence of the media, we define beautiful as picture perfect models and take an uncanny obsession in other people’s lives. A lot of us, not saying all, but a lot, of people seem to think that all those famous people are perfect and that their lives are perfect and better than everyone else’s. And it sucks to think that being famous and one of those people is what a good portion of this generation aspires to be. I don’t have anything against someone who is, say, passionate about music and want to become recognised for it because I’m sure anyone who has a passion that can be brought to that level, they’d want that which is only natural. But there’s something about just dating a celebrity or creating enough drama in your life to earn yourself paparazzi following you around and a reality TV show that doesn’t sit well with me.

So as today’s Motivational Monday, I just wanted to get some things across. 1. Have goals. Try to always strive for something, whether it’s a goal to accomplish something everyday or more long-term things. 2. Think about the future. What kind of career do you aspire to have? What are you interested in?

I think it’s incredibly important to know what you want and go after them. Maybe you won’t figure things out today, tomorrow, or even by the end of the year, but just think about it. After all, it’s the thought that counts in the end. 

What do you aspire to achieve? Have you figured things out are you still working on that? What do you think of teens wanting just simply be famous? Share your thoughts below!

Thank you so much for reading!
- J

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