Friday, May 30, 2014

Style Diary: With a Bang

Hi there! Here I am with another Style Diary for you guys. It's been quite the week for me, but I really can't complain because all in all, while I was incredibly busy, it was just great. The weather was great, the food was great, working out was great, and some pretty awesome memories were made. But let's leave that talk for Sunday, shall we?

It's getting a lot warmer, so I can (occasionally) get away with wearing just a t-shirt outside. I still haven't really brought out the shorts because the wind can get a bit much sometimes, but Canadian weather is getting there. It's getting there, guys.

Shirt: Dynamite | Pants: Urban Outfitters | Shoes: Target | Sunglasses: Topshop | Earrings: Dynamite

I don't quite know why I look a bit, err, annoyed in the photo above, but I guess that's what happens when you're operating off of five hours of sleep because you spent one two many hours at the gym. Oh goodness.

I got these lovely blue velvety pants at Urban Outfitters a few months ago if any of you saw that haul. To balance out the blue, I paired it with a simple white tee with a sequined perfume bottle on the front. I half tucked that into the pants to highlight my waist which would've been swallowed up by the fabric if I hadn't. Height is always a good thing, so I added my favourite pair of shoes - my wedge sneakers. To finish off the look, I put on some sunglasses I got from Topshop two weeks ago and a pair of gold feather earrings to tie in with the design on the shirt.

So you probably noticed this already, but I got bangs. Yeah, bangs. I've pretty much gone on and off of wanting to get them ever since Taylor Swift got her fringe, so I figured that it was summer and I really wanted a change, so I just got the hair chopped off on Sunday. 

To be completely honest, I'm not very happy with them because I think the bangs are a bit short right now, but hopefully I'll learn to love them a bit more once it grows out a bit. I'll probably grow them out as soon as I can because the whole bangs thing was completely a one-time and temporary thing, but I am glad I got the cut. I've just had the same hairstyle for way too long and I needed a change. My three options were to either get bangs, go Jenn Im short, or get purple tips, and my parents weren't cool with the purple thing and I was too chicken to go that short, so bangs it was.

Have you been itching to get a dramatic haircut of a sort lately? Have you ever gotten one? Ever had bangs? Share your stories below!

Thank you so much for reading!
- J

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