Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Treasure Hunt: May 2014

Hi there! So okay, I changed the name of this column. I just wasn't happy with the annoyingly long name "One of a Kind Finds" that honestly didn't sound that great either, so yeah. Like all things I'm unhappy with, I changed it to this - "Treasure Hunt." You know how they (and I) say that we find hidden treasures in stores or whatever? That's where this new name stemmed from and I thought it would be rather fitting.

This month, I have for you ten lovely items that I think are really unique and aren't necessarily things that you stumble upon everyday. Enjoy!

1. Wasteland Way to Go Dress

This is a simple black sleeveless dress with a drop waist, but the back is a completely different story. It's pretty much backless except for the grid of cutouts that adorns the back of this black number. If you're looking for a LBD for the summertime, definitely consider this as an option.

2. Chicwish Contrast Floral Embossed White Tulle Dress

Something that always catches my eye is a piece that is seemingly innocent and angelic, but once you examine it closer, you notice the edgy details that make it a bit more... wild. That's pretty how I feel about this dress. At first, it seems like your typical little white dress that's all ruffled and tiered and to put it quite simply, pretty. But the uneven tiers and the black floral design that contrasts against the white brings it to the next level.

3. Cheap Monday Decorative Eye Earrings

I've been keeping an eye out for really cool and unique earrings lately, at least ever since I got pair robot pair from Topshop that I have yet to show you guys. These eye ones have an Egyptian feel to me, even though they are clearly not the Eye of Horus. I'd probably wear these with a ponytail that's a bit high up on the back of my head, if you know what I mean.

4. Ecote Lasercut Scalloped Crossbody Bag

The decorative lasercut design on this bag and simply stunning. A bag like this could immediately add a bit of interest to any outfit, especially since it's in white that goes well with most things. It's also a crossbody, so it'll be easy to throw whatever you need for the day in it and just put it either on or over your shoulder and not have to worry about it for the rest of the day.

5. Topshop Airtex Number Tunic

Ever since I saw the floral Adidas hoodie (I'm sure you must all know what I'm talking about, if not, here's the link), I've started to notice more of the sportswear-inspired clothing pieces that I might have skimmed over on websites other times. Like this one. I'm absolutely in love with the floral number one and for this tunic, I'd buy it a size bigger so it could pass as a dress and pair it with the gladiator sandals (#10 on the list, but in black) or some chunky platforms.

6. Nasty Gal Oh My Stars Earrings

I was window shopping for the prom post when I found these earrings. They were a bit much for the dresses I had picked out, but I figured that a lovely pair of earrings like this shouldn't go to waste, so here they are. I'll admit, they look a bit heavy, but they also look really whimsical and magical, almost. I just love them. Basically.

7. Pins and Needles Lace Trim Satin Shorts

I've always been someone who preferred skirts and dresses or long flowy pants as opposed to the more commonly worn shorts, but the relaxed vibe of this pair and the dusty pink colour made it very hard to remember why I didn't wear shorts that much in the first place. I'm hoping to find (or possibly make) a few pairs of these over the summer. Hopefully it'll be early on so it stays warm enough for me to still wear them.

8. ASOS Silver Coin Cuff Bracelet

I remember seeing something like this on JewelMint a couple of years ago that was a bit too expensive for what I knew my parents would let me spend on a bracelet. I'd tried to make one myself, but that didn't work out too well, especially not with my 12 year old self's DIY skills. This one's a bit more reasonably priced and the charm of wearing coins on your wrist is still present in this lovely little thing.

9. Threadsence Desert at Sundown Maxi Skirt

I got my first legit maxi/midi skirt the other day and I'm so completely obsessed with it. Oh my God, it's just so perfect, which is why I included one in this month's edition of the hunt. I love the sheer mesh panels in between the black ones and I can't help but imagine wearing this to a music festival or on a roadtrip with a crop top or plain white tee and gladiator sandals.

10. Ecote Helena Tall Buckled Sandals

Finally, the tall sandals. Alexander Wang had those tall-boots-with-cutouts thing going on a couple of seasons ago and to me, these sandals are simply the summer version of those beauties. I'd pretty much wear them with anything that doesn't reach too low past my knees.

Which of these pieces was your favourite? Have you had any good finds lately? What do you think of the new name? Share your thoughts below!

Thank you so much for reading!
- J

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