Monday, July 7, 2014

3 Things to Learn from my Fashion Mistakes

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Hi there! I’m sure that you’ve all made fashion mistakes, from the cringe-worthy ones when you were just starting out to that ill-fitting piece last week. Maybe, you’re skilled enough to not have made such mistakes recently, but even the most experienced fashion veterans slip up every once in a while.

I, like all of you, have made some pretty dreadful fashion blunders over the years and like all the mistakes we make, we always learn something from them. Keep reading for three mistakes that I’ve made and three lessons to make sure you don’t repeat any of my blunders!

1. Buying brand name t-shirts – I’m talking flashy brand-names-pasted-across-your-chest brand name t-shirts.

Image Credit: Aéropostale
I don’t know about you, but where I lived and in the majority of North America a few years back, we all went through this phase where we just go freakishly obsessed with Aéropostale t-shirts. You know the ones, the cotton graphic tees with their name all over it in a variety of different colours? Yeah, well, at the time, I was going through that awkward phase where I wasn’t quite a kid anymore, but I wasn’t a teen quite yet either, so I was stuck in between being too old for a certain store and too small in size and a bit too young for a brand like Aéropostale.

But after seeing the cool girls at my school wear them, I begged and begged my mom until she let me go out and get two of Aéropostale t-shirts which made me a very, very happy camper.

But it didn’t stop there.

I then proceeded to accumulate a good stack of about a dozen if not more of those t-shirts right up until the beginning of seventh grade and the problem with those t-shirts is that they’re very flashy in the sense that everyone knows what you’re wearing. Also, they go out of style so quickly and become a thing of the past in such a short amount of time.

I’m not hating on Aéropostale or any of those other brands that sell those t-shirts because a lot of the stores that are catered towards the teen/tween demographic do sell quite a bit of them, it’s just that the whole time I was in middle school, I just had those t-shirts stacked up in the back of my closet because they just didn’t work anymore. I’d gone out and bought those t-shirts because everyone else was wearing them and was following a trend.

I think it’s fine to follow trends or whatever, but you have to be able to distinguish the ones that will be able to have a permanent home in your closet to the ones that will burn fast and bright and it’ll be sitting in your closet until you muster up the courage to throw it out.

So don’t buy t-shirts with the brand name very clearly labeled on them as the main graphic. Try to pick shirts that are more timeless with a photo or illustration or something that isn’t tied to a specific brand.

2. Wearing (flowy) skirts or dresses without shorts underneath.

It wasn’t until seventh grade that I’ve ever heard of wearing shorts underneath a dress or anything like that. It was honestly such a foreign concept to me, though it made complete sense – you worry about your skirt catching the wind and rendering you indecent, so you wear shorts so if such a thing does happen, there’s nothing to see.

Obviously, people seeing your underwear as a tiny little girl is totally normal, but once you’re a bit older, it’s just not something you want to happen. I can’t pinpoint a specific occasion when teenage (or tweenage and almost teenage) me was completely mortified by such an event, but I can tell you of when this has come in handy.

There was one particularly windy day when I was out taking some photos at the tulip festival with my family and I’d decided to wear thiscircle skirt that was pretty light, so it just flies up whenever it comes in contact with the wind. I’d walked up the stairs that were outdoors of this restaurant that we were going to eat at and the wind picked up and picked my skirt up along with it. My dad was behind me and was trying to smooth it down, but it just kept flapping back up and I’m sure the customers waiting behind me got quite a show.

It was funny because I’m pretty sure I was completely oblivious to the fiasco the whole time it was happening. So thank goodness I was wearing shorts underneath – it was quite the lifesaver.

3. Buying and wearing ill-fitting clothes.

The problem starts in the mall when you’ve picked up a piece of clothing that you really like and you end up buying it despite it not fitting you because either a) you really like it and it’s not in your size (sales can totally worsen the temptation), b) it’s too small (or too big) and you don’t bother trying a different size because of self-esteem reasons (like those size x jeans you try to squeeze into even if you know they don’t fit), or c) it just doesn’t work for your body type.

Remember that when you’re shopping, don’t even think about buying something if you don’t feel amazing in it, because if you don’t feel confident in something, it’s just not going to look good on you. So if you’re wearing something a size too small (or too big), or if it’s too short compared to what you’re used to, or anything like that, first of all, don’t buy it. I’ve done this countless times and I always end up regretting it unless I’ve bought something a size up and the whole oversized look worked out.

However, if it’s managed to make its way into your closet, do not, I repeat, do not wear it out. When you’re changing into your everyday clothes in the morning, take a minute or so in front of your mirror making sure that things are fitting alright.

If something isn’t fitting right, don’t try to tell yourself that it’s “whatever” and that it’s a minor problem that you can just deal with during the day. Just don’t wear it. Put it aside and pick something else to wear. The last thing you want to do whilst wearing a too-short skirt is spending the day tugging at the hem of a too-short skirt in an attempt to make it look more modest. Don’t put yourself through that trouble, it’s not worth it.

What fashion mistakes have you made in the past? Have you made any of mine? What other fashion mistakes do you see other people making and that you learn from? Share your stories and leave your thoughts below!

Thank you so much for reading!
- J


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    1. Yeah, of course! I'll add it to my schedule, so keep an eye out for it this summer! :) Thanks for the request! - J