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Sunday Funday: July 6/14

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Hi there! This past week, I’ve been slowly adjusting to life without New York and just not being on vacation anymore. I know it sounds kind of silly, but despite only spending less than a week away from home and only a few days in the city, I miss it.

And I want to go back ASAP.

Anyway, that aside, I had a few days at the beginning of the week until I’d have to start summer school on the Thursday. On Monday, I went out and finally bought “x” by Ed Sheeran. Yes, I know, I’m a terrible Ed fan if I’m a week late, but sometimes, being on vacation, albeit NYC (believe me, I hunted it down, but it just didn’t want to be found) prevents you from being a crazy fan and getting your hands on a newly released album as soon as it comes out.

For me, when it comes to artists that I really, really like, so basically Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran, I don’t want to do anything online – I want the “real” experience of going out and buying the hard copy of the album and getting all excited about being able to touch it as opposed to buying it on iTunes or pre-ordering it, or something like that. I know, I’m weird.

It turns out the wait was well worth it (not that I questioned it at all) because the album is absolutely amazing and I just love it so much. I got the deluxe version and have been listening to it on repeat non-stop ever since I got it. No joke, I’ve probably listened to the whole album at least twenty times. It’s always playing in my room and when my mom’s driving me to school, I listen to the first half and when she’s driving me back, we finish the rest of it, and when I’m at the gym, I’m listening to him.

My favourite songs on the album right now are:

- "I’m a Mess" – the beat’s just amazing and addictive, and the title is just perfect for the song and you can totally feel his desperation and just how much of a mess he was feeling

- "Nina" – I don’t really know what to say about this song besides how it’s rather wistful while being really catchy

- "Runaway" – this is a super upbeat song that is just so fun to sing along to, but is also a bit rebellious which makes it even better and I’m so in love with the lines “how long you leaving?/well, Dad just don’t expect me back this evening” – it just sounds so good

- "Thinking Out Loud" – this is just your typical Ed love ballad, but it’s a bit different than the ones on “+” in the sense that you can really tell that he’s grown since his debut album

- "Take It Back" – it’s only available on the deluxe version and it’s one of his rap songs and you guys know how much I love those and of course it’s about the music industry (he seems to have a lot to say about that)

If you guys haven’t already, you should totally check out his album. It’s truly, truly incredible and I just adore it so much.

Tuesday was Canada Day and it was the first time that I celebrated the patriotic occasion with a group of friends. I usually just go somewhere in town with my family if we go at all, but in recent years, we haven’t done much to celebrate. When a friend of mine suggested that we should all hang out, I jumped at the opportunity to spend a day in the sun and I had the best time.

A small group of us just went to a local fair-type thing that also had a concert mixed in along with lots and lots of different types of foods. There was a small clump of rides and my brother along with two other friends (we somehow ended up splitting off) paired up and went on them (the friend and I managed to go on three in the space of three hours due to the crazy lines) and it was just a blast from the past. I got to go on the Strawberry Ride as I like to call it where it’s basically where you sit in a strawberry… and you spin around. Yeah. We went on it twice because it was something I loved as a kid and I still love it today, so it was fun to revisit those childhood memories.

We then walked over to the A&W nearby for dinner and returned to the fair for the fireworks. We sat on this huge toboggan hill, got some food, a Beavertail and chocolate fondue, to be exact, and watched the fireworks light up the sky with a sea of people around us. It was a pretty magical night.

Then on Thursday, I started summer school. It was pretty much what I’d expected, but I was upset to find out that I wasn’t in the same class as the friends I’d pretty much gone to that specific school to see even though it was expected. It’s really great to see them everyday because we live pretty far away from each other and don’t go to the same school during the regular school year.

School itself is pretty chill and relaxed. I have Civics in the morning which is just a lot of information memorise and Careers in the afternoon, so I always have something to look forward to. So far, we’ve just taken personalities tests and learned about ourselves, which I really, really like doing, so I’ve had pretty enjoyable afternoons. But hey, it’s only been two days.

If you guys are into this personality stuff, you should check out and it’d take you a bit over ten minutes to complete the test and it’ll tell you your personality type. If you answer truthfully, your result should be pretty darn accurate. I’d say mine was (I got INFJ).

So yeah, that was pretty much my week. I’ve started planning out my summer and seeing what I can squeeze into my schedule even with summer school and I’m really excited for the posts that will come up in the near future, particularly in the décor department. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink. ;) I’m not going to say anything else in case my plans fall through, so I’ll leave it at that.

Have you heard Ed's new album? What do you usually do for your country's Independence Day? If you're taking summer school, how's it going so far? Share your stories below!

Thank you so much for reading!
- J

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