Friday, July 11, 2014

Style Diary: A Run For It

Hi there! After a tiring week (that felt surprisingly short) with days spent at a desk in summer school, I'm back with another Style Diary! I really want to incorporate more posts where you get a glimpse at what I personally wear and how I style things, so I'm hoping that you'll be seeing a lot more of me in the future.

I'm going to be completely honest - this outfit was rather hard to put together. Because I'd just gotten back from vacation and bought quite a bit, I have a nice haul to show you guys, but I haven't done that yet (that's for Monday!), so I didn't want to have anything that I didn't previously own pre-vacation in the outfit. In the end, I caved (I know, shame on me) and centered the outfit around a pair of white sneakers from Adidas with a splash of neon on the sole.

Top: Old Navy | Dress: Gap | Necklace: Laura | Shoes: Adidas | Bracelet: Vintage | Bag: Forever 21

I've been seeing a lot of the whole "bright white" trend, especially with sneakers and I really, really liked the look of them. They look really fresh and clean to me compared to pieces that I already owned that were significantly busier.

I'm not someone who will see a trend and despite whether I liked it or not and despite its longevity in my closet, go out and buy a full outfit inspired by it. However, whenever I see some trends that I think can become staples in my closet (let's face it, I can wear these sneakers anywhere and can get some pretty good use of it at the gym), I'll buy into it.

Thankfully, these sneakers were at a ridiculously low price at the Tanger Outlets in Atlantic City, so I got them. I wanted to go for the sport feel (think tennis uniforms) for this outfit, so I layered a plain white tee underneath a white eyelet dress that I also got from the States, but this was last year.

If you know me well or have been following this blog for a while, you'll know that I never fully commit to one "look," let's call it, with what I wear. If something's too girly, I'll add a leather jacket to toughen it up. If something's too edgy and on the verge of being something my parents wouldn't let me leave the house in, I'll throw on some pearls or classier jewellery to soften it up. So for this outfit, I added my favourite (and unfortunately, only) pearl necklace and a metallic flower bracelet that I got from a vintage show in the spring. The flower petals are actually little mirrors, which I thought was really cute and added a fresh and modern touch to the outfit.

The very last thing I added was my neon yellow and tan Forever 21 crossbody bag. It's a small little thing that is great and really convenient for when I'm out and don't need to bring much with me, but also want a bit of colour as opposed to my usual brown leather bags. A plus with this bag is that it happened to match the sole of my shoes.

What did you think of my outfit? Have you seen a lot of the whole white thing recently? Have you gotten anything inspired by the trend? Leave your comments below!

Thank you so much for reading!


  1. I love the combination of your dress with the sneakers!

    1. Thank you! I was glad that I went a bit further out of my comfort zone for that one. - J