Monday, July 14, 2014

Haul: New York City/Atlantic City 2014

Hi there! When I went to NYC and Atlantic City a few weeks ago, my family and I went on a crazy, crazy shopping spree. Honestly, I barely bought anything at all in New York as our schedules were so packed during the three days we were there, we didn't have any spare time to squeeze in some shopping time. We did, however, shop quite a bit in Atlantic City, which is big understatement. Keep reading to see what I got in both cities!

We didn't anticipate for New York to be so cold the first night, so when we bused to NYC from New Jersey, we didn't pack any jacket or outerwear for the night tour we were going to go on. It was on a double-decker bus, so we were pretty high up and it was pretty cold. So when we making our way over to the tour meet-up place, my mom and I stopped by the Forever 21 in Times Square and I got this purple hoodie that's actually really comfortable. It looks a lot more blue/indigo in the photo, but in real life, it's more of a purple colour with the faintest burnout pattern on it.

Surprisingly/stupidly enough, the last time we went to NYC, we didn't get the classic "I {heart} NY" t-shirts, so this time, I was determined to get my hands on one of them. I'm not exactly sure how often I'm going to wear this, but it acts as nice memorabilia to commemorate the trip.

Now, on to the Atlantic City part. I know, I know - the NYC part of this haul was tiny.

I really, really love J. Crew's stuff even though it's pretty expensive. I ended up getting this really cute cream and gold pineapple t-shirt that I absolutely adore. Pineapple has always been one of my favourite fruits (yes, I'm one of those kids who love Hawaiian pizza) ever since I was little, so I was beyond ecstatic when it started becoming a thing and I could start buying clothes that had the fruit on it.

The second and last thing I got (my mom and I somehow managed to convince my dad to buy a considerable amount more than me) is a chambray-like button down. I'm not one hundred percent sure that it's chambray because it feels a bit too thick and stiff, but if it's not, it's the next closest thing.

It's got little seahorses all over it and I can't wait to start styling this.

Then, I got this chambray dress from H&M and it definitely feels like a Taylor Swift dress to me. At least it resembles her style back in the earlier part of the Red era when she wore more knee-length dresses as opposed to the edgier cuts she favours these days. I just felt like such a lady in this dress and feeling confident in a dress is always a deciding factor in buying it.

I also got myself a higher-waisted pair of denim shorts. This pair is considerably more comfortable than the one I got last year at the Gap (even though those were a bit nicer) and I needed another good pair of regular denim shorts, so I got these.

Out next stop was WetSeal. While the clothes weren't of that great quality, there were a few hidden gems that I managed to find, one being this long burgundy maxi skirt. I don't have any long skirts besides this one midi/maxi skirt that unfortunately shrunk in the wash. I really love that regal feeling I get whenever I'm wearing a long dress or skirt, so I picked this up. This has the potential to become a staple in my closet all year round and is going to be a dream to style.

Speaking of longer lengths, I also got a pretty printed maxi dress. I'm in love with the pattern and this dress could very easily translate into the spring or fall, but probably not the wintertime.

The last thing I got was a printed blue circle skirt. I was standing in line to pay when I saw this and I'm a huge sucker for colourful and/or unique prints, so I just couldn't resist. They had a sale on anyway, so it's all good.

Then, we went crazy with the workout clothes. I swear, after this trip, I'm convinced that my whole family has a shoe problem along with a workout clothes addiction. I got two pairs of shorts from Reebok as well as a pair of basic printed leggings (below). 

I also got this really cool asymmetrical cutout crop top from Reebok as well along with a purple and a black sports bra, but those along with the three other tops I got from Adidas are all in the wash at the moment after a week of working out. 

Finally, I got this tiny little floral wallet from Coach. I've been needing a durable wallet that isn't too big that I can bring around with me and I was overjoyed when I spotted this at the Coach Outlet Store for just twenty bucks. It also didn't have the Coach "C" stamped all over it, which was a refreshing change.

There were a few other things I wanted to share with you, but they're in the laundry at the moment, but all the big and important things were all mentioned here. I had an awesome time in these two cities over the course of six short but fun-filled days, so the shopping was just a little added bonus.

Which item was your favourite? Where do you like to shop? Have you ever gone to a big outlet before? (If not, you totally should go, it's the best.) Leave your comments and share your stories below!

Thank you so much for reading!
- J

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