Monday, July 21, 2014

Current Love: That Effortless Look

Image Credit: Lane
Hi there! With summer comes heat and with heat comes that feeling of just not wanting to wear too much clothing at all. And no, I don't mean that in a racy manner in the slightest. I just meant that in the hot summer months, the last thing I know I'd want to do is add on layer upon layer of clothing that's going to make me feel as if the humidity was suffocating me.

During the colder months, I'm a huge fan of adding that extra layer or that extra scarf, belt, whatever it may be to complete my outfit, but sometimes, the weather just doesn't allow for it. Which is why I've grown fond of that "effortless" look lately. You know the one the one where the girl who's wearing the ensemble looks like she just threw on that dress and that necklace and it's so well put-together, not too predictable, and looks like it took her hours to come up with that perfect combination, but at the same time, it looked as if it was put together on a whim?

That look.

However, this is not to be confused with sloppy. It's just a really nice outfit that looks beautifully put-together and, well, effortless.

overalls + stripes
Image Credit: Camille Styles

To me, when you're going for that effortless look, it's supposed to look like it - so not overcomplicated. I love that in this outfit, the denim overalls that cover most of the body, look as if they'd just been thrown on casually along with the loose striped tee and brown leather sandals. Plus, the bangles on her wrist definitely elevated the almost-farmer girl outfit to something a bit more Pin-worthy. 
Image via Tumblr
When an outfit consists mostly of rolled up denim and neutrals, white can have quite an impact. With this outfit, the pale heather grey cotton tee and the light wash denim jeans rolled up at the ankle make way perfectly for the bright white sandals that adorn her feet.

Image Credit: Pretty Dresses in the Laundry
A contrast a bit more graphic such as black and white can make quite a statement as well. Those two colours together have a history of being formal, you could say, so whenever they're paired together, it seems as if they were meant to be and gives you this all-mighty aura. Or is that jus tme?

Image Credit: Solid Frog
Ah, the messy bun, a perfect balance of loose strands and ones that are being held together by a handful of bobby pins. Since I have a lot of thick hair, I find these buns really hard to do right (but I'm still trying and trying!), but they are really great for you just need to throw your hair up and get it off your neck. With a bold lip colour and whatever it is that you've decided to wear for the day, you've got a pretty great look right there.

Image via Pinterest
For something that strays a bit further from the more neutral colours, this blush pink and lace-hemmed dress is a nice little dainty one that I'd like to be wearing out on a summer day roaming the city streets. Because denim has been a recurring theme, of course there'd be a denim vest of a sort thrown into this outfit, complete with a straw hat to protect her face from the sun, and tousled waves to finish it off.

When you think about it, this effortless thing is always very clearly thought out. If you don't decide to throw on that one last ring, necklace, hat - any kind of accessory, really - your outfit is in danger of falling flat. So really, as important as it is to keep it light and casual, properly accessorising with dainty jewellery is the key to properly executing one of these looks.

What do you think of that "effortless" look? Which outfit/photo was your favourite? Is this a look that you often lean towards? Leave me your comments below! I'd lvoe to hear all about your fashion stories.

Thank you so much for reading!
- J

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