Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday Funday: July 20/14

Image Credit: Brandon Warren
Hi there! How are we already nearly done with July? I guess deciding to take summer school has really cut down my summer quite a bit, but I don’t regret it.

I just really can’t believe that there are only eleven days of July left. Eleven! That’s crazy to me.

From another teenager’s point of view who hasn’t been stuck in summer school for the past two weeks or so, I probably haven’t done very much with my summer, but I am more than ready to get some stuff done this summer! From my summer to-do list, you can probably tell that I have quite a lot to accomplish, so let’s hope that that’s going to happen in the 43 days of summer that I have left.

Speaking of summer school, I’m going to be done with that this week and I couldn’t be more excited. It’s not like it was hard or anything, just really, really tiring for some reason because by the time I get home (which is like 5), I have no motivation to get anything done. On a regular school day, I’m done at the gym at 5, so I would have some adrenaline pumping through me to get school work done and all that. But enough of me complaining – that’s not what you’re here to read.

Remember the fashion designer presentation I was really excited about last week? Well, it went really well and I was really very happy with how it turned out. I think I’ve gone a pretty long way from the little twelve-year-old (okay, I haven’t grown more than like an inch, but still) who got embarrassed whenever someone mentioned that I wanted to go to FIT and get into fashion design and all that. Now, I’m not afraid to tell people and let them know what I want to get done in life and all my aspirations, which I think is a really good thing.

However, with future plans means thinking about the cost of everything which is something I really don’t like to think about, honestly. I guess I’ve always known that uni/college was going to be expensive, but I never realised how expensive it’d be until we had to do a project in Careers about money management. Let’s just say that I have to get myself together and save some more money. Some people think that ignorance is bliss and under most circumstances, I’d agree, but I think when it comes to teens especially, we should think about our futures, no matter how stressful and unnerving it might be at first (note: this might not change, aha) as soon as possible and try to plan the next few years of high school out so we accomplish what we need to to be able to do whatever it is we hope to do post-secondary.

Anyway, enough of the deep talk, let’s talk about music and books and fun stuff.

First of all, Saving Elliot. If you’ve been around for a while or if you know me in real life (I feel sorry for you that you’ve had to endure this for over four months now), you’ll know that I’m completely obsessed and in love with a book on Wattpad called Saving Elliot. It’s just… brilliant. Anyway, the other who’s just wrapped up her final year of sixth form (the Brits’ equivalent of high school), so she’s been pretty busy lately and tends to take really long breaks between chapters.

When I read the book, she was on the third-last chapter (which ended in a crazy cliffhanger that left me in a crazy mess for weeks afterwards) and there was a nice two-month gap between when I read that chapter and when she posted the most recent one. So when I checked Wattpad on my way out of the school and saw this status:

Me along with a few of the other friends that I was with at the time and some on Facebook and via text message just freaked out. Well, I was freaking out the most, but they were still pretty excited and I just can’t wait until she posts the chapter. I’m also really nervous and scared and sad about the book finally ending, but excited nonetheless.

Something that I’ve been doing a lot lately is listen to 8tracks. I went through a quick two-week phase or so where all that I listened to was Ed Sheeran’s new album because he’s a god and it was just impossible not to get sucked in to his confessional ballads every time I was on my computer. Heck, I still listen to him everyday when my mom drives me to and from school. What I have been listening a lot to is the Saving Elliot mixtape on the site and it’s just so good. If you’re indie/alternative music that’s kind of mellow and really awesome, you should definitely check it out. And if you’ve read Saving Elliot, you just have to because it was inspired by it and it’s just amazing.

That pretty much sums up my week! It’s been hectic and I haven’t been able to go to the gym at all except for yesterday (but that was honestly the most underwhelming and dissatisfying workout I’ve done to date), so I feel really sluggish and gross, but I’m getting myself together next week, which is exciting for me. There are actually quite a few really awesome things happening next week and I’ll do my best to document it all so I’ll be able to share those moments with you in the Sunday Funday to come!

How do you feel about half of summer being almost over? Are you almost done with summer school? Do you have any book recommendations? And the most intense one of them all... do you know where you're going with your life? I'd love to hear all your thoughts and comments below!

Thank you so much for reading!
- J


  1. Ah, summer school. It just started a week ago and it's...meh. It's not that bad itself, but the fact that we (my classmates and I) will have to take a serious exam about everything taught in this time period freaks me out.
    Summer school aside, my summer has been REALLY eventful! Two summer camps plus one family trip in the past few weeks, and no regrets. I shall probably write a blog post about that.
    And that serious, heavy career stuff, it's really hard for me. University and grad school are expensive here too (ugh), and um...I think I'm going to study physics or earth science *gasps* because there's no astronomy, which I love the most, in university, and those two are the closest to astronomy. But I also have a strong liking towards languages (linguistics and all that). I'm torn! And most important of all, it seems a bit hopeless to get a job and make a living either way. I think I'll still chose what I love and do my best, though, because nothing's gonna stop me from completing my dreams (ew, that sounds a bit cheesy, but you get the idea)(I really want to insert a gif here. There must be a perfect gif for this. Yes there is. Elsa is so awesome ) Gosh, I'm rambling. I should just write a blog post about this.

    1. Yeah, I can relate to the exam thing. I heard a rumour floating about that there wouldn't be an exam during summer school, but I guess that wasn't really going to happen considering that mine is this Thursday. I'm glad that you're not HATING it or anything, which is good.
      It sounds like you've been having an amazing summer and I only wish that mine has been that eventful. Okay, maybe the fact that you haven't been burdened with school and my trip to NYC kind of contradict that...
      I think that in most places in the world (or at least the ones I know) have some pretty expensive post-secondary options except Switzerland, I think. It's just the sad truth, I guess. About your internal debate, I think that whichever one you choose, heck, you might not even pick either, but whichever one you choose, if you feel really passionate about it, I think you could definitely make a career out of it. Like if you're interested in physics and astronomy/earth sciences, how about something like a engineer or more specifically an aerospace engineer? And as for linguistics, there are things like anthropologists or maybe just being a journalist or writer or some sort (even though they're tough industries to break into). We've still got a bit of time, anyway. :)
      I just wanted to say a huge thank you for writing this super long and super awesome comment, Melody! <3
      - J