Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What to Where: Amusement Parks + Tips!

Hi there!  Some of my favourite summer memories have been spending the day at amusement parks.  I know that some people don't enjoy them as much, but despite the often unbearable heat, I absolutely love my time there.  Because of the heat and crazy rides that you might be going on, you have to make sure to be appropriately dressed.  Keep reading if you want to see some outfit ideas and tips and tricks for your fun-filled day!

Amusement Park #1

This is a pretty casual outfit.  When I'm deciding what to wear to amusement parks, I tend to keep my outfits pretty simple because after all, you're going to the park to have fun, being fashion-forward isn't going to be your biggest priority.  So I paried a simple graphic tee with midi shorts.  I find that if shorts are way too short, it gets really uncomfortable when you're on rides and sitting down because the seats aren't always clean and it can get sweaty and just gross.  That's why I tend to go for longer shorts at parks.  Be sure to protect your eyes with sunglasses and sporting comfy sandals will make your day a whole lot more enjoyable.

1.  Forever 21 Sporty Graphic Tee
2.  Urban Outfitters Emma Sunglasses
3.  Deena & Ozzy Metallic Crossbody with Chain
4.  American Eagle Braided Denim Midi Shorts
5.  HELTER Two Part Geek Sandals

Amusement Parks #2

You might be slightly confused as to why I included a dress AND shorts in this outfit, so allow me to enlighten you.  Ever since I met them, my friends have always worn shorts underneath skirts or dresses.  It's just a bit more practical and you don't really have to worry about your skirt flying up and flashing everyone.  At amusement parks, if you're going on rides and stuff, you probably don't want the wind to cause you any troubles, so wear shorts underneath!  

1.  TopShop Speckle Roll Sleeve Mini Dress
2.  ModCloth Pearls Just Wanna Have Fun
3.  Lulu's Green Crossbody
4.  H&M Twill Shorts
5.  Bamboo Strappy Platform Sandals

Amusement Parks #3

It's usually pretty hot at amusement parks, so crop tops are perfect for when it is!  I paired the basic grey crop top with high-waisted shorts and a simple necklace and gorgeous maroon Converse sneakers.  I'm a big fan of watches, but I wouldn't wear my oversized one to an amusement park, I just think it would be impractical.  So a small leather one will do.

1.  Brandy Melville Giselle Top
2.  Urban Outfitters Double Case Leather Watch
3.  MOTO Betty Boop Denim Shorts
4.  Forever 21 Multi-Layer Spike Necklace
5.  Converse All Star Sneakers in Maroon

Tips and Tricks

I tried to fit most of them with the outfits, but there were some that didn't really fit, so here they are!

  • Always check the weather before you go.  The outfits above were just guidelines, but if you know that it's going to be especially windy or hot or whatever that day, dress accordingly.  If there's a chance of rain, be sure to pack a compact umbrella.
  • Always, always wear sunscreen.  Slather on the SPF to protect your body, face, and lips from the sun.
  • Sunglasses are a must!  You might want to put them away when you're on rides, but when you're just walking about, be sure to wear your sunglasses to protect your eyes.
  • Wear a hat!  If you're especially sensitive to the sun, wear a hat to lower the chances of you getting a headache that will surely ruin your day.
  • Bring a small crossbody.  Try to keep your essentials for the day to a minimum because lugging around a tote bag full of stuff all day would not be fun.
  • Avoid flip flops.  This might sound kind of strange at first, but if you're going on rides, it's really easy for your flip flops to just fly off in the air.  Instead of flip flops, opt for strappy sandals.
Which outfit was your favourite?  Do you enjoy going to amusement parks?  Do you visit them often?  What else do you enjoy doing in the summer?  Please leave me a comment down below sharing your thoughts!

Thank you for reading!
- J

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