Monday, July 29, 2013

What's in my Carry On? | My Essentials

Hi there!  If you've read my important update, you know that I'm currently on vacation in a wonderfully tropical place on the other side of the world.  Because of this little fact, my flights will be extremely long, so I figured that I'd show you what I keep in my carry on bag.  Since it's "vacation season," I thought it'd be helpful for some of you who might be travelling this summer.

Keep reading to find out what my travel essentials are!

L & L

(Just FYI, the photo above is not what I have in my carry on.  I just thought the photo was pretty.)
  • Novel(s)/magazines - I'm always so bored on my flights, so I'm usually reading a novel.  If you're not a fan of so much text, opt for a magazine instead!  My personal favourites are Teen Vogue, Seventeen, and
  • Phone - I love my internet quite a bit, so if you manage to get Wi-fi either on your flight or at the airport, take advantage of it!
  • iPod and earbuds - Listening to music and reading at the same time are amongst some of my favourite things to do to keep myself busy, especially on a flight.
  • Notebook - Sometimes, I get an idea for a post or just something in general, so I need to write it down as soon as possible or else I would forget it.
  • Pens and pencils - Of course, I would need pens or pencils to write in my notebook, so these are a must.
  • Small makeup bag - Personally, this isn't a huge essential for me because I don't really wear makeup, but if you do and you want to touch it up, keeping a small makeup bag with you on your flight is pretty important.
  • Camera - I always find really cool things to take pictures of at airports, so I always like to keep my camera with me.  Also, if my luggage gets lost, I know that I'll always have my camera to document my trip because it's going to be with me (my carry on) at all times as opposed to in a suitcase.
  • Wallet - You always need money!
  • Passport and other travel necessities - Any forms or anything like that you should probably keep in your carry on, unless you're bringing along a purse as well.  I'm not, so that's why I would keep it in my carry on, which actually doubles as a purse for me.
  • Gum or breath mints - I always feel really disgusting when my mouth feels dirty or my breath feels like it smells bad (hopefully that made sense...), so I always have some breath mints with me at all times.
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste - This might seem kind of silly, but sometimes, when I sleep on the plane, I wake up with morning breath and once again, I feel really disgusting, so I usually brush my teeth after my naps on a plane.
  • (Neck) pillow and a cozy blanket - Speaking of naps, a comfy pillow that fits around my neck is always a must because using sweaters and the airline pillows as my pillows isn't always the most comfortable.  The blanket is obviously optional if you think you can deal with the ones that the airline might provide.  I personally don't carry it in my carry on (it's in one of my other family members') because there just isn't enough room and I can usually use my sweater/hoodie as one.
  • Spare clothes - If there's room in your carry on, I'd definitely recommend that you bring along a spare outfit just in case your luggage gets lost (which is NOT fun).
What do you keep in your carry on?  Anything I didn't mention?  Please share down below, I'd love to know!

Thank you for reading!
- J


  1. For me the toothbrush is definitely a must in long flights. And earbuds. I'm never comfortable with the ones they provide in flights.

    The Caribbean Flower

    1. I definitely agree about the earbuds provided on flights being uncomfortable. That's why I always try to remember to pack them!

      - Juliana

  2. And eye patches...not the pirate kind, but the kind that covers both your eyes, and looks like a mask you wear when you're sick. That helps me fall asleep. And tissues!

    1. YES (about the tissues)! I actually spilled some water all over my notebook on a recent flight and would've died without my tissues, haha.

      - Juliana