Friday, July 19, 2013

Summer Uniforms

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Hi there!  I hope that all of you are enjoying your summer!  I haven't done a post like this in a while, so I figured that I should write one like this today.  

Every summer, , I always have a uniform, or at least a few things that I immediately reach for in my closet.

If you want to find out what they are this year, you know what to do...

Summer Uniform #1

This is pretty much what I wear around the house all day and it kind of doubles as my pajamas.  I'm usually always home in the summer, just hanging out in my sweltering hot room with my laptop, so I always try to stay comfortable.  Wearing a loose-fitting tee, sweatpant shorts (can they be called sweatshorts...?), a delicate necklace, and throwing my hair up in a ponytail is my favourite way to do so.  I don't like walking around my house (especially my kitchen) barefoot, so I always have a pair of flip flops laying around somewhere.

1.  Forever 21 Woodstock Muscle Tee
2.  Goody Ouchless Hair Elastics
3.  ModCloth Be Still My Locket Necklace
4.  H&M Sweatshirt Shorts
5.  Billabong Floral Flip Flops

Summer Uniform #2

This is generally what I reach for when I'm going out during the day anytime in the summer.  This outfit is just for casual occasions, like going grocery shopping or hanging out with friends.

I love wearing loose tees tucked into flowy chiffon skirts with a pair of simple earrings.  My summer wardrobe is generally very casual unless I'm going somewhere really fancy or for some very special occasion.  If not, I usually just throw on my favourite pair of boat shoe flats and an oversized watch.  I know that these watches might seem kind of expensive at first, but if you're a really big fan of them, they are definitely a spectacular investment.  I pretty much wear my watch every single day and I absolutely adore it.

1.  TopShop Number Tee
2.  Target Pearl Studs
3.  Fossil Crystal Embellished Watch
4.  Brandy Melville Luma Skirt
5.  Forever 21 Colourblocked Faux Leather Boat Shoes

Summer Uniform #3

1.  TopShop Floral Bardot Crop Top
2.  BDG Skinny Braided Belt
3.  New Look Light Wash High-Waisted Shorts
4.  Converse All Star Sneakers

This last one is an outfit combination that I wish was my summer uniform, but unfortunately, I don't own enough crop tops... *sigh*  So I guess it's kind of cheating, but whatever, I love it anyway.  I'm a big fan of crop tops, but I prefer it when it's paired with something high-waisted to cover up a little bit, hence the high-waisted denim shorts.  The metallic braided belt adds a bit of interest to an otherwise plain outfit, and the Converse add a playfulness to it.

Which outfit was your favourite?  What's your summer uniform?  Any plans so far?  How are you enjoying your summer?  Please leave me a comment down below sharing your thoughts!  I'd be more than happy to read them!

Thank you for reading!
- J

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