Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Current Love: Oxford Shirts

It's not her, it's me.

Hi there!  I don't really know how my love for oxford shirts started, but lately, I've just been so obsessed with them.  To me, oxford shirts are just words that can easily sum up this vast range of button-down shirts that can be called so many different things (boyfriend shirts, anyone?).  Anyway, names aside, I'm pretty much obsessed with them.

I think the reason why I'm so obsessed with them is because they're so easy to just throw on and it instantly dresses up any outfit.  Also, I find that people take me a lot more seriously and it makes me feel more important when I'm wearing a button down.  I guess that's kind of silly, but whatever.

After realising that oxford shirts are pretty much the best things ever, I combed back through my memory (you're cool if you understand that reference.  Well, you're still cool if you don't, but you know what I mean.) trying to figure out what triggered it.  It was probably a few things, but I narrowed down the culprit to one person: Spencer Hastings.  

If you don't already know, Spencer is a fictional character (as you could probably tell from the photos) from Pretty Little Liars and she's absolutely fantastic.

Despite the fact that she doesn't wear oxford shirts that often anymore, it's really fascinating to me how one simple piece of clothing can instantly change your outfit and make you look so much more polished and just ready to get to work.  What I wear on a daily basis reflects who I am and what I'm going to do for the day, so this upcoming school year, I'm hoping to expand my oxford shirt collection because I love the way they make me feel

Tips to Style Oxford Shirts

  • Decide what vibe you're going for.  To me, there are really only two options with oxford shirts.  You either go full out preppy, or you add a preppy touch with the shirt to an outfit that is, well, not preppy. Say you're wearing a really girly dress, you could add an oxford shirt, unbutton it, and add a belt to spice up your outfit a bit.
  • If you're going for a boyfriend fit, avoid looking sloppy.  A look that I really love is a boyfriend shirt (basically an oxford shirt that's a bit loose and looks like you stole it from your boyfriend, haha) with denim shorts.  But if you're trying to recreate that, I'd suggest that you at least tuck the front of the shirt in because sometimes, if the shirt's too long, you can look really sloppy.
  • Go simple.  Though it's good to venture out and try to style an oxford shirt uniquely, be careful when it comes to adding on too many pieces - it's going to make the outfit way too busy and you just won't look... good.  Another thing is not too overaccessorise, but that goes for every outfit.
  • Experiment with tucking your shirt in (or leaving it out).  Another thing I love about these shirts (let me know in a comment if you'd like me to just make a section in my "Current Love" posts that just says "Why I Love ___") is how many ways you can tuck them in.  I like to just tuck the front of my shirt in and just fiddle around with it so it hangs the way I like it.
Like every "Current Love" post, I'll be back with a "3 Ways to Wear" post next week on how to style these wonderful oxford shirts.

Are you a fan of oxford shirts?  Do you own any?  What are some of your favourite colours?  Leave me a comment and share your thoughts!

Thank you for reading!
- J

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