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Back to School: 10 First Day of School Outfit Ideas

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Back to school season is one of my favourite times of the year.  That's why this year, now that I have a blog, I'm going to start a series all about it to help those of you going back to school this fall.  I'm so excited about this series, you have no idea how freaking excited I am.

To start it all off, I'm going to be sharing with you ten outfits that you could wear on your first day of school.  It was actually supposed to only be five outfits, but I kind of got carried away, haha.  Oops...

Anyway, they're a bit dressier than what I would wear to school on a day-to-day basis.  But since it's the first day of school, I usually tend to dress up a bit, just to make myself feel a bit more confident walking down the halls.

Back to School: First Day #1

Combination #1 = oxford shirt + patterned jeans + oxford shoes

If you haven't read my post all about my love for oxford shirts, then you probably wouldn't know that I'm so in love with them.  Instead of pairing them with regular ole jeans, I paired it with a pastel floral pair with mint oxfords.  I'd tuck the shirt in and add an intricate brown leather belt to add some interest and a watch to make sure that I'll be on time.

1.  H&M Fitted Shirt
2.  Brandy Melville Brass Infinity Ring
3.  Urban Outfitters Traveler Watch
4.  Forever 21 Floral Skinny Jeans
5.  dELiA*s Braided Belt
6.  ModCloth Candy Shop Quartet Shoe

Back to School: First Day #2

Combination #2 = white dress + baggy jacket + booties

If you want to dress up a bit on your first day of school and you're a bit girly, maybe this is the outfit combination for you.  Since the white dress is so innocent and angelic, I toughened it up with brown hiking-esque shoes, a nude belt, some friendship bracelets and a khaki jacket.  I was looking around on websites, trying to decide between a pearl necklace and something with spikes, and look what I stumbled upon... (check number 6)  Like, seriously.

1.  New Look Broderie Dress
2.  Free People Triple Wrap Belt
3,  H&M Pilot Jacket
4.  ModCloth Shoes
5.  River Island Friendship Bracelets
6.  Forever 21 Pearlescent Bead & Spike Necklace

Back to School: First Day #3

Combination #3 = cropped jacket + graphic tee + petticoat + combat boots

I know that this petticoat is pretty expensive, especially because I try to only use items under $50, but it seems like it's going to go on sale soon because it was on sale randomly in early July, so I felt like it was justified.  Anywho, this is a pretty... daring outfit choice, at least in my opinion.  Since the petticoat is extremely girly, I added some combat boots, a stack of friendship bracelets, and a vintage-y tee to add some edge.

1.  Charlotte Russe Knit Sleeve Light Wash Denim Jacket
2.  Forever 21 Spiked Photo Graphic Tee
3.  PacSun Skull Bracelets
4.  American Apparel Petticoat
5.  WetSeal Harness Side Zip Combat Boots

Back to School: First Day #3

Combination #4 = sleeveless blouse + shorts + slouchy cardigan + tennis shoes

If it's warmer where you are, maybe you'd like to opt for some shorts.  Since it is for school and where I live, our dress code is not to wear shorts that hit a certain length.  If you want to wear shorts, please do so tastefully to avoid getting in trouble on your first day.  Anyway, the pair I picked out seemed like an appropriate length.  I paired it with a simple white blouse tucked in and cinched at the waist with a classic brown leather belt.  Because so much skin is shown, I decided to add a oversized striped cardigan to balance things out.  And a pair of red Keds add the perfect pop of colour.

1.  Ruche Colourblocked Blouse
2.  Urban Outfitters Grandma Readers
3.  ModCloth Morning Tea Time Cardigan
4.  MOTO Stripe Shorts
5.  Zara Soft Cut Work Leather Belt
6.  Keds Champion Original Sneakers

Back to School: First Day #6

Combination #5 = intricate top + distressed jeans + flats

This intricate skull top is simply to die for (in my opinion).  I just love it.  Anyway, for a simple first day outfit, throw on a fancy top, jeans, flats, and some studs, and you'll look like you spent much more time on your outfit than you actually did.  I thought the ear cuff went really well with top and the pearl studs just add a bit of femininity to the outfit.

1.  Chicwish Skull Print Top
2.  Urban Outfitters Merlin's Cuff Earring
3.  Anne Klein Faux Pearl Studs
4.  Forever 21 Destroyed Skinny Jeans
5.  Madden Girl Harrley Ballet Flats

Back to School: First Day #5

Combination #6 = knit cardigan + basic dress + bow belt + oxford shoes

When school starts, at least for me, I tend to gravitate towards darker fall colours, so this chunky burgundy cardigan is perfect to layer over a dress.  I paired it with a belt to cinch the dress in at the waist and a statement necklace tucked in under the collar.  The friendship bracelets and the oxfords add a nice relaxed feel to the outfit, which is nice because you don't want to look too dressed up on your first day.

1.  New Look Burdundy Honeycomb Knit Cardigan
2.  TopShop Flower Spike Collar
3.  Brandy Melville Robin Dress
4.  Lulu*s Cream Bow Belt
5.  Wanted Tan Lace Up Oxfords
6.  dELiA*s Bracelets

Back to School: First Day #7

Combination #7 = blouse + denim shorts + varsity cardigan + oxford shoes

Again with the shorts.  These denim ones are appropriate (in my opinion for school).  I paired it with a simple blue blouse tucked in with a varsity cardigan overtop.  A pearl necklace and stacking rings add a little something to the outfit.  The cat oxfords are just adorable and a nice print to add to the outfit full of solids.

1.  Chicwish Blue Cut Out Double Collar Shirt
2.  Nasty Gal Class Act Necklace
3.  H&M Pack of Rings
4.  New Look Boyfriend Shorts
5.  River Island Grey Cardigan
6.  Urban Outfitters Know-It-All Oxfords

Back to School: First Day #8

Combination #8 = blouse + leather skirt + loafers

If you're that girly girl who has a love for edgier pieces, maybe you'll find this helpful.  I paired the delicate cream blouse with a funky (haha) leather skater skirt.  For pops of colour, I went with green tones with the cutout flats and cocktail ring.  A watch is always a must for me and a nice necklace finished the outfit off!

1.  ModCloth First Class Cabin Top
2.  Nasty Gal Boyfriend Watch
3.  Forever 21 Spiked Bib Necklace
4.  ASOS Skater Skirt
5.  Lulu*s Emerald Green Flats
6.  ASOS Snake Jewel Cocktail Ring

Back to School: First Day #9

Combination #9 = oxford shirt + cuffed jeans + oversized cardigan + oxford shoes

This might sound kind of odd and weird, but I find that people, adults especially, take you a bit more seriously if you're dressed in a smart way.  By that, I mean like when you're dressed kind of preppy, even if it's just a hint of it, people don't write you off as some silly teenage girl.  That's why I went for an oxford shirt tucked into some cropped jeans.  What I especially love about these jeans is the pattern on the cuff, which you cold easily DIY (let me know in the comments if you'd like to see a tutorial!).  A mustard cardigan is a nice pop of colour and the classic brown oxfords finish off the look.

1.  American Eagle Oxford Shirt (Old Navy alternative)
2.  Forever 21 Cutout Faux Pearl Cuff
3.  Zara Cropped Trousers
4.  ModCloth Banana-glams Cardigan
5.  Urban Outfitters Lace-Up Oxfords

Back to School: First Day #10

Combination #10 = cropped jacket + floral dress + patterned Converse + headwrap

Last but not least, the final outfit.  A nice dress is always a great place to start with your first day outfit.  A distressed jean jacket kind of toughens up a rather girly dress, which is something I really like to do with my outfits.  I find that adding a jean jacket can kind of swallow the dress up sometimes, so I tend to always add a belt to make sure that my body is completely lost in the layers.  Since it is school, I don't think heels are that practical, hence the Converse.  The emerald green necklace is a little bit of bling (oh, that word...) for the outfit and the headwrap is just a finishing touch.

1.  ModCloth Totally Boss Jacket
2.  New Look Gem Chain Wrap Necklace
3.  Sparkle & Fade Knit Printed Skater Dress
4.  Converse Chuck Taylor Floral
5.  ASOS Bow Belt
6.  Urban Outfitters Eyelet Bow Headwrap

Which outfit was your favourite?  What are you planning to wear on your first day back to school?  Would you like to see more back to school outfit ideas?  Please leave me a comment down below letting me know!

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Thanks for reading!
- J

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