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What's in my Beach Bag? | My Essentials

Stop chasing shadows, just enjoy the ride

Hi there!  If you don't already know, I'm headed on vacation!  Actually, I'm currently on vacation as you are (probably) reading this, but you catch my drift.  Hopefully.

I'm going somewhere quite tropical, hot, and humid and I'm going to beach very often while I'm there.  That's why I decided to show you what I keep in my beach bag.  Maybe it'll help you if you don't know what you should keep in your beach bag to avoid that oh-my-gosh-I-forgot-this-and-that moment when you're at the beach.  Keep reading if you want to know what's in my beach bag.

L & L

  • Towel - This is a pretty obvious essential, but you're probably going to need a towel when you're out at the beach to either lay on or to dry yourself off with.
  • Sunglasses - If you read my sunglasses post, you know that I think that it's incredibly important to have wear sunglasses to protect your eyes because you only have one pair, so keep them safe!
  • Sunscreen - You might've applied sunscreen before you head to the beach, but it's always good to have some in your bag anyway to reapply.
  • Magazine - When I'm not in the water, building sandcastles, or something like that, I like to read.  A lot.  I'm definitely going to be bringing along a few of my Seventeen and Teen Vogue magazines in my beach bag.
  • Novel - When I'm looking for a more "substantial" read at the beach, I reach for a good novel to delve into.  I brought along some old favourites (Princess Diaries, Percy Jackson, etc.) and some new reads that I just picked up for my vacation.
  • Music - I absolutely adore reading and listening to music simultaneously, so bringing along music with me (in form of an iPod or my phone) is a must.  Also, if you decide to bring your iPod, phone, or whatever, don't forget your earbuds as well!  I've also seen some people bring a mini speaker-like thing to "blast" their music at the beach, which is such a cool idea, so I'll probably bring mine along as well.
  • Sunglasses - If you read my sunglasses post, you know that it's really important to protect your eyes when you're out in the sun because, well, you only have one pair.  The beach is no different, so don't forget those sunnies!  Don't forget to bring a case to keep them in as well because you don't want your sunglasses, expensive or not, floating around in your bag with the possibility of getting scratched.
  • Floppy hat - Sometimes, sunglasses just aren't enough.  To me, a big, floppy hat is such an essential in the summertime, especially at the beach because I find that if I don't wear one (or a hat at all), my head just burns up.  I will literally touch my hair and it's just so hot.  So bring along a hat if you want to avoid that!
  • Camera - I love taking pictures because I find that it's such an amazing way to preserve memories, so that's why I'm bringing along my digital camera with me to the beach.  I always have such an amazing time at the beach, so I definitely want to be able to remember them, especially the sand castles.
  • Lip balm with SPF - A good chunk of the population going to the beach remember to protect their skin with sunscreen, but they forget about their lips.  Of course, being a normal human being, I've been guilty of this as well, but that's not going to stop me from reminding you to protect your lips.  Go to the drugstore a pick up a lip balm with SPF in it.  I like the Baby Lips, but I've heard that they've taken it out.
  • Water bottle and snacks - I always get hungry or thirsty at the beach, so it's always nice to be prepared.  Snacks are optional, actually, everything is optional, but you know what I mean.  Sometimes, there are food vendors on the beach (or near the beach), so you might not need to pack your own snacks.  Don't forget to bring along some napkins as well to clean up any messes.
  • Small wallet - This is assuming that you aren't bringing your purse along with you (that's just too many bags for me).  It's always a good idea to have a bit of cash with you just in case you want to buy something, like some food, because we all know how much I love that.
  • Clothes - I usually leave for the beach with my swimsuit and cover-up on, not "normal people" clothes.  I really don't like being wet when I'm not in the water, so I usually change into regular clothes after I'm done in the water and am heading home (or to my hotel).
  • Sandals - I always wear flip flops to the beach, but if I have somewhere to go, like a restaurant or something and I want to look a teensy bit more dressed up, I'll pop on my sandals and stick my flip flops back in my bag.
  • Plastic bag - Finally, this might seem completely out of place on the list, but I assure you that it is one of the most important things that I always have to remember to bring with me.  After I take off my dripping wet swimsuit, I really dislike just throwing it in my bag or wrapping it in a towel and then throwing it in my bag.  That's because when I get home to clean it out, everything in it is kind of soggy, wet, and just disgusting.  However, if I put my swimsuit in a plastic bag and tie it securely, that problem is solved quite easily.
What's in your beach bag?  Are you going to the beach this summer?  Please leave me a comment down below telling me!

Thanks for reading!
- J

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