Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Looks for Less: Cara Delevingne

Image Credit: @caradelevingne
Hi there! Cara Delevingne can be a bit... out there, but that's what we all love about her. Her style's definitely no exception and I'm kind of in love with it. I've been a fan of hers ever since she hit the scene a while back and am still very much obsessed with her style. With my obsession naturally comes a post recreating my favourite looks from her, so let's get into it!

Image via Tumblr
Something that I absolutely love about her style is how comfortable but confident she always looks. For this one, to may homage to her pizza onesie, I picked out a tank top with a pizza party graphic on it and paired it with a simple pair of sweatpants. To add to the casual feel, she wore a grey hoodie unzipped with some flashy sneakers. To top off the casual look, I picked out a blue and white beanie similar to the one adorned with clouds that was in the original outfit.

Volcom Grey Hoodie
Petals and Peacocks Pizza Party Tank
Bar III Field Jacket
Penfield Light Blue Tuque
Topshop Neppy Joggers
Doc Martens Hi-Top Sneakers

Image via Tumblr
This is my favourite outfit of hers out of the three and the one I'm most likely to recreate and wear myself in real life. I love how she takes typically pretty prim and proper pieces like the pants and white shirt, and wears it in a way that makes it look casual, cool, and distinctly Cara. Dark pants sit at her hips with a white shirt loosely tucked in with a few buttons undone, letting the black cami peep through. To add to the cool girl uniform, she popped on a black and white snapback as well as some combat boots.

House of Fraser White Shirt
Oasis The Softest Black Cami
UNIQLO Stretch Straight Trousers
SKECHERS Combat Boots
Diamond Supply Co. The Brilliant Fitted Hat

Image Credit: the front row view

Finally, a pretty recent outfit that she wore after doing a show for Chanel the season before last. Emerald green is great in the fall and even pretty perfect in the form of comfortable jeggings. To add a punch of colour, she went for a blue hoodie layered overtop a white graphic tee. As some finishing touches, I added some black Vans with matching black laces, a studded black leather jacket, and mirrored blue sunglasses.

New Look Blue Basic Zip Up Hoodie
Style Moi Studded Leather Jacket
Urban Outfitters Beach Bum Mirrored Sunglasses
Vans Era in Black
Etsy Origami Bunny T-Shirt
Charlotte Russe Green Jeggings

Are you a fan of Cara's style? How about of her modeling work? Whose outfits would you like to see me recreate next? Leave your answers in a comment below!

Thank you so much for reading!
- J

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