Sunday, October 19, 2014

Style Diary: Cadillacs in Our Dreams

Hi there! Super sorry for putting this up on freaking Sunday instead of Friday as promised. I'm double-posting today so don't you worry, you're getting your full load of posts courtesy of yours truly this week. Hope you enjoy this Style Diary and the Sunday Funday will be up at 6:30 pm EST!

Jacket: Collection B | Crop top: Garage | Skirt: Kimchi Blue | Shoes: Target | Watch: Kenneth Cole

I wore this skirt on Wednesday and somehow managed to snap these photos in record time. I swear, this was probably the quickest "photoshoot" (it feels so weird saying that, so I'll refrain from repeating that offense, but how else can I describe this, right?) I've ever, ever done. I got this skirt during the extra long weekend last week when I was out shopping with B. I've wanted a long-ish plaid skirt ever since I saw this outfit on Sea of Shoes. But somehow in my mind, every time I went shopping, I'd remember the skirt to be a maxi skirt instead of a midi. Either way, I was ecstatic to find this one in the sales section at Urban Outfitters. It was originally $109 (which is ridiculous), then marked down to $40 and they were having a 50% all sale items promotion going on, so that was a nice bargain.

I decided to do one of my favourite things and that's mixing patterns, adding a versatile striped crop top to the mix. To keep warm in the mornings, I popped on my favourite leather jacket that I got back in 7th grade which was ages ago.

I've been doing this thing where I'll think of something that happened "not too long ago" and then I'll realise like holy crap, such and such happened x years ago.

And my mind will be blown. (Someone please tell me you feel that way, too or else I'll feel really lame.)

Since I'm so freaking short, or at least I look really short since my torso's so long, I had to wear my wedge sneakers in order not to trip while I was wearing this. Sigh... The things I do for nice clothes. I did, however, feel very majestic in this skirt. Since it's so full, it floats around my feet as I'm walking, making me feel more important and grand that I actually am, aha. *cue Royals by Lorde*

How has your week been? Are you a fan of the whole plaid obsession that people immediately fall into when the leaves change colour? What's the weather like where you are? Leave your comments below!

Thank you so much for reading!
- J

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