Friday, October 3, 2014

Style Diary: Leather, Spikes, and Everything Nice

Hi there! Sorry that this is getting put up so late. I just had a complete drain of energy this week and lost motivation to do a lot due to my sleep deprivation. It was all good up until Tuesday and it went downhill from there. What I decide to wear really is often an accurate depiction of my mood for the day and I dress for who I want to be and what I need to be for the day, hence my slightly, err, moody outfit. I guess that's what you could call that, aha.

Jacket: H&M Kids | Top: Mom's Closet | Skirt: Urban Outfitters | Shoes: Target | Bracelet & Necklace: Vietnam

Sorry I look a bit angry here, guys but that was the best photo I could find, aha. I picked up this skirt ages ago, I think in May actually from Urban Outfitters when I was out shopping by myself (I know, I know, sounds pathetic but it's actually a lovely therapeutic exercise) after my Spanish exam and was a bit unsure of it when I saw it hanging on the rack. But when I put it on, I immediately fell in love with it and especially loved the places the "slits" in the fabric are positioned to accentuate your legs. Unfortunate thing is, my dad shrunk the skirt considerably when he mixed it in with a different wash though.

I thought I'd toughen it up with a leather jacket and some black accessories to balance out the bohemian vibe of the skirt. I also added this studded cuff I got from Vietnam which managed to toughen things up quite a bit, if I do say so myself.

I'm not quite sure why my hair suddenly looks purple in this photo, but I mean, I wouldn't mind dyeing my whole head that colour, just saying. On a side note, my hair has gotten really, really long lately. It's not that noticeable in the photo I don't think, but it's actually down to my belly button now.

And I have a pretty long torso.

Thankfully, it's been growing pretty healthily and there are no major split ends at all (unless I'm blind). I'm trying to convince my parents to let my get some red or purple in the mix, so we'll see how that goes. Maybe some time in the next two and a half years you guys will see a bit of colour in my hair. We'll just all have to wait and see.

I feel like I've apologised already (and I mean, I have, but I think you know what I mean) in this post, but sorry if this was a bit bleh. My energy levels are just not really good right now and I just wanted to get a post out for you. Hope you enjoyed the outfit though! To happier and more energetic days to come! ;P

Thank you so much for reading!
- J


  1. Haha, it's fine that you look a little angry in these photos, it gives them a little edge. Love the skirt. ;)

  2. absolutely love this outfit, the print on that skirt is perfect! and you should so dye your hair purple it looks so cool in these photos (even if it wasn't intentional)!

    1. Thanks so much Charlotte! I'd love to actually dye my hair purple at some point, maybe even my whole head, aha. x