Monday, September 2, 2013

3 Days 'til Fashion Week and How I'm Staying Sane

Hi there! Before I get into today's post, I just wanted to let you guys know that on Monday, September 9th, the url of this blog will be changed to If you want to learn more about the change, check out my blog post here.

As you may or may not know, New York Fashion Week (as you could probably tell from the title) is starting in five days' time. It's a bi-annual event that brings the biggest fashion people (in the world) together because right after New York's big week, it's London's turn, then Milan's, then Paris's shortly after. It's a pretty crazy phenomenon that lasts all month.

All the big fashion people - models, bloggers, everyone, actually - is rushing from show to show, trying to keep up with it all. Just hearing it from other people makes it sound like madness, but in the best possible way. I can't imagine what it would feel like to actually be in that environment for a week. Wouldn't it be a thrill? Amazing?

When it was time for the Fall/Winter 2013 fashion week (or fashion month, as I like to call it) in February, I hadn't started my blog yet, so all I could do was go on as soon as the shows were posted, scroll through the slideshows of the amazing clothes that the designers had conjured up that season, and just admire them. 

Now that I have my fashion blog, it's kind of hard not to feel the pressure to write something about fashion week, whether it be reviews, highlights, favourites, whatever. It's like I'm in this tiny room and the walls are closing in on me, forcing me to come up with something meaningful to write for my blog about fashion week.

Despite the amazing side of fashion week, I always feel like all the bloggers are pretty much posting the same thing - the same reviews, commending the same designers, and sending their disappointment to the others.

That leaves me with one question (well, several, but this one was the biggest): how do I stand out? Write something different when nearly everyone is being the same? It's hard for me to answer and I certainly don't know if I'll succeed, which stresses me out. Quite a bit.

But that brings me to my next point - how do I stay cool about it? I mean, it clearly states in the title of this post that I'm doing so, but how, you might ask? If you're struggling to stay cool and all, maybe this next bit might help.

Breathe. It's just fashion week.

When we stress out about things, we tend to think that they're bigger issues than they are. Just remind yourself that it's just fashion week after all. Fashion might be a part of our lives, a bigger part for some of us, but it doesn't mean that it IS our life. Don't let the stress take over your mind and drain your energy.

Once it starts, turn yourself into a sponge.

If you're a fashion blogger trying to think of new ideas, whether it's for a fashion week or any other occasion, just turn yourself into a sponge. Soak in inspiration from everywhere and write down all your ideas so you don't lose them. All those shows you're loving, what trends you've spotted, stuff like that. You can filter through the bad ones and keep the ones you think are worthy of turning into a blog post later on.

Check out new designers that you've never heard of.

Last season when I was looking through the shows on, I wanted to push myself to look at other designers' shows as well, not just the few that I was familiar with. It's a great way to find new designers and write a fresh take on (New York) Fashion Week.

This was a rather therapeutic post to write, so I hoped you liked it! Writing also helped me calm down a bit, as well. :)

Are you a bit freaked out about Fashion Week? Or are you more excited? Will you be covering Fashion Week or writing about it at all on your blog? Please let me know in a comment down below. I'd love to read it!

Thanks for reading!


  1. I wish I could go to New York Fashion week :(

    1. I really wish I could go, too... It seems like the most amazing, exhilarating, and stressful (but awesome!) experience ever. Humph. *goes off to a corner to sulk*

      - Juliana

  2. I usually don't cover fashion week events or shows on my blog - I might share a collection that I fell in love with but mostly I just like to view and maybe share on twitter. I would love to attend the shows - maybe next year.


    1. I would love to someday attend at least one of the shows! I'm a teenager, so I'm a student in school, so it's pretty much going to be impossible for me to score tickets to a show and actually go, but a girl can always dream. :)

      - Juliana