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How to: Overcome Human's Block and Get Inspired

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Hi there! Today, I wanted to inspire you guys. Well, technically, I wanted to help you get your creative juices flowing when you're wracking your brain for some inspiration for whatever you're doing. So I wanted to inspire you guys to get inspired. Yeah, I think that's about right.

When I’m just feeling very blah, I like to call that human’s block. Not writer’s block, not artist’s block, not blogger’s block – human’s block. I mean, people who aren’t writers, artists, bloggers, etc. can feel that way about anything in general, right?
I don’t know about you, but I absolutely hate feeling unproductive and procrastinating. It’s like that feeling I get when I eat something too greasy – I just feel icky. Awful. Whichever, take your pick. Whenever I realise that I’m having one of those days, the rest of my day could either be spent doing absolutely nothing productive, or browsing a few websites to just get my energy back. Here are a few of them for some of your dilemmas. Enjoy!

If you can’t figure out what to wear…

Check out or fashion blogs/people online in general (duh)

Whenever I just feel like I’ve not been creative at all with what I’m wearing (I’m sure we’ve all felt this way), I’ll go on or just go through my Bloglovin’ feed, going through personal style posts, and I’ll get TONS of ideas for outfits.

Another good place to look for some inspiration is clothesencounters on YouTube. She doesn't care about what people think of what she wears. She just rocks her crazy looks effortlessly.

If you're just feel a bit down…

I’ve just been so obsessed with that website for years. I think I started hearting things in sixth grade after I heard AllThatGlitters21 talk about it in one of her videos. It’s a great website filled with thousands of pretty, pretty pictures of just random things. Sure, there are some… questionable photos on that website (never, ever go on it during school or work, trust me), but it’s great for just looking at pretty pictures, honestly. Sometimes, all you need is to look at pretty pictures and you just feel better.
It’s also a great website for all of you artists out there who just can’t find any inspiration to draw ANYTHING. It was a great resource for me when I was doing my art projects last year…

If you're feel really, REALLY down…

Check out the “Animals” section on Pinterest. 

You won’t regret it, my friend. Just look at cute animals. Like, I’m not even kidding. My friend and I did that once while waiting in traffic to get to school and it made the whole day just a smitch better.

If you’re looking for something to do on a Saturday night (or any day)…

Check out Pinterest.


Speaking of Pinterest (from the previous category), it’s a fantastic way to find new DIY projects and recipes. There are tons of things to choose from and most of the time, the photos are very visually appealing (haha, my choice of words), so it’s easy to get sucked into things. Well, everything, I’m not gonna lie.

If you need some inspiration to just get sketching again…

It’s a blog that I just recently discovered randomly and I’m so in love with it. It’s such a sweet little blog and Jenny has the most amazing sketches that really inspired me to get sketching again.

If you just need a little pick me up in form of beautifully crafted words…

Check out this Tumblr. I'm not exactly sure what the blog name is, actually, but it's amazing.

Can we talk about how beautiful love is?
I’m in such a wonderful mood at the moment, and the reason is because I read a book about love (which I tend to do quite often, haha). It sort of got me thinking about my own stories and how my idea for each of the three stories I’m thinking about at the moment all revolves around a great love - first love, sibling love, and the love for your people (the last one may sound weird, but it’s because it revolves around a king). 
The thing about love is it’s so weird. Love fascinates me and always has and always will because it’s unbelievably complicated. There’s a book I once read that considered love to be a disease, which honestly just made me really confused. Considering love to be a disease - is that even possible? To me, that makes no sense. But it’s a brilliant idea for a book, anyway.
I’ve been thinking a lot about love lately. (But then, when do I not? If you’re one of my friends, you probably know this, haha.) My past loves, my current loves, my future loves. Love. Love. What is love? How can this one word bring such a diverse range of opinions and emotions? 
I’m confused about love. This post makes no sense. I know it doesn’t, and for that I’m terribly sorry. But the facts are that this post was rambly because I don’t really know what I think about love.

I know that she hasn’t updated in a while and just recently started up again, but check it out. It’s just amazing. Browse through the archive while you're anticipating her next post. :)

If you need a good (fashion-y) laugh…

Guys, this is the most hilarious Tumblr if you read fashion blogs. Just read it. I couldn’t stop laughing the first time I read it.

Which website will you be checking out? Need any other ideas for other dilemmas? Let me know in a comment down below and I’ll surely get back to you.

Thanks for reading!
- J

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