Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I Want Her Closet: Aria Montgomery

Hi there! I don't know about you guys, but I love watching my TV shows and seeing how the characters dress and how that correlates with their personality. I've been watching Pretty Little Liars ever since the first episode of season 1 and the character's whose clothes I just want to rip off her back (to be completely honest) because they're so freaking amazing are Aria's.

Aria has such a quirky, artsy, and eclectic style that suits her character perfectly. Most of the clothes she wears on the show seem like one of a kind pieces (when some of them aren't) just by the way they're put together in an outfit. That shows that you don't need an enormous budget to dress to impress! (I know I sound lame, but whatever.)

I'm sure I'm not the only one who gets inspired by what she wears, so I put together a mini lookbook of some of Aria's standout outfits that will hopefully inspire you to put together some crazy outfits and rock it like it's nobody's business. Because after all, that's what fashion's all about. Confidence, my darlings. (See what I did there, PLL fans? Maybe? No? Okay.)

Bohemian Rhapsody

Maxi skirts and military jackets for fall?  Yes please! The colour palette of this outfit is just amazing and definitely screams fall. Like, right in your face. 

Aria wore a tiered moss green maxi skirt (or dress?) underneath a sheer cream top, cinched in at the waist with a thick, embellished belt. The jacket was a nice touch to pull the whole outfit together, and if you're looking to recreate this look, adding a scarf in the same colour family will keep you warm when the wind decides to get all nasty on you.

Skeletons in my Closet

Can I have that top please, Aria? I mean, I'm asking nicely aren't I? 

Anyway, the graphic crop top is such a standout piece that just makes the outfit. If you have a crop top laying around from the summertime, layer a tank top underneath, add some printed pants, and a statement necklace, just like Aria.

Leather Squared

This is a perfect example of a simple, quick, and easy fall outfit that's perfect for school. Aria's wearing a printed skull graphic tee tucked into a brown pleated leather skirt. To add a little something to the outfit, she added a chain necklace and threw on a chocolate-coloured brown leather jacket. This would be an awesome school outfit, but if you think the leather skirt's too much, switch it out with any other one that you might have laying around.

Black on Black

At a glance, this outfit seems simple enough, but once you look closely, you notice all the little details of Aria's outfit, and that's what her style is really all about. This outfit was from pretty far back in the show, probably season 2 when Aria dressed a bit more goth-inspired. She paired a simple black dress with some really cool studding all over it with black lace pantyhose and tall black leather boots. To finish off the outfit on a delicate note, she added a sweet little charm necklace. 

Maybe this outfit will inspired you to make your LBD a bit more... Aria, I guess you could say. Go a bit out of your comfort zone when it comes to styling it!

Disco Ball

Aria's headed to homecoming, or well, she headed to homecoming, and you can tell that she went all out, but in a very cool and sophisticated, "I know I look good, but it's not like I spent five hours putting this look together or anything" kind of way, if you catch my drift. *wink wink*

She sported a bedazzled black dress with sheer panels on the bodice, delicate chains on the sleeves, and a ridiculously full skirt that I just can't help but adore. She paired the standout dress with simple strappy black heels to finish off the look.

Doesn't this whole ensemble inspire you to just go all out at your next dance, event, party, whatever you're going to?

What do you think of Aria's quirky style? Are you a fan and find her fashion choices an inspiration? Or do you just find it ridiculous and way too over-the-top? Let me know in a comment what you think. I'd love to read your thoughts! Like, read your comment, not your mind, just to clarify. ;)

Thanks for reading!
- J

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