Friday, September 5, 2014

Style Diary: Back to Burgundy

Hi there! Time is flying by and already my first week of school is nearly over. It's been pretty good so far and it's nice to get to see my friends again and get into a regular routine after being a bit all over the place this past summer. Some people I'm surrounded by aren't as happy about school as I am, but I'm trying not to let their negativity (or mild lack of enthusiasm) to get to me and spoil my mood.

Hat: Aritzia | Top: Zara | Skirt: Wetseal | Backpack: Herschel Supply | Flats: Aldo | Watch: Kenneth Cole | Earrings: Topshop

This was what I decided to wear on my first day back to school. In Canada, we typically start the Tuesday after Labour Day, so it's a short week for us Canadian students heading back. I decided on a long burgundy maxi skirt that I picked up in Atlantic City at Wetseal with a crop top that my mom actually chose for me from Zara. It's in a couple sizes bigger, so it's not showing anything indecent at school (thank goodness).

With that, I added a leather ball cap that I got from Aritzia and some brown flats from Aldo. The day of, I actually felt like I needed some height, so I switched those out for one of my favourite pairs of shoes of all time, my black Target wedge sneakers. To finish off the look, I added my go-to oversized watch, some statement earrings, and my new houndstooth and polka dot backpack to lug all my stuff around.

The earrings were something I picked up on my trip to Toronto in the spring and I don't think I've ever spent so much money on a pair of earrings. Others have for me, like family friends who give tiny little kids expensive and legit jewellery when they're not even old enough to appreciate its worth (think babies and toddlers), but I haven't gotten anything this expensive in over ten years.

And this whole time, I've been rambling on about the price of these babies, but they aren't even that expensive (like $30 ish, but I still think that's pricey). I guess when you get into fashion, you go through that stage where you're really into everything and when you see that it's a good deal, you kind of just buy it. 

Like at Forever 21 - it's almost inevitable to get sucked into their jewellery section, even if it's just to take a peak. I remember holding up some necklaces and thinking, "Ooh, that's cute! Oh look! It's only $3.80, I'll get it!" without thinking about its quality as much as its appearance. So hopefully, these lovely robot babies last me a while because I was pretty stoked when I got them four months ago and I'm still as in love with them now.

Don't you dare rust on me, Topshop.

How has your first (if not your first, your __th) week of school been so far? Do you ever slurge on jewellery? What's your most prized piece of jewellery? Share your stories and leave a comment below!

Thank you so much for reading!
- J


  1. Haha, the jewelry section of Forever 21 is like my Kryptonite. I end up buying something every time I go. ;)

    1. Yeah... Forever 21 jewellery is kind of really hard to resist. :P - J