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Thursday's Lovely Links: September 4/14

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Hi there! School has just started up for me and it's easy for the excitement of getting to see your friends and getting back into a routine again to wear off, leaving you feeling a bit down that summer's over. That's why for this week's links, I chose some relatively thought-provoking ones because I find that if you open up your mind to new ideas and concepts, you generally see everything as a painting with a hidden meaning and gets you excited or intrigued by the simple things in your life. It also helps in school because the classes you might find boring can be so much more interesting if you change your mindset.

Arden Rose: Why Women Wear Makeup

I'm not someone who wears makeup on a daily basis like a lot of girls my age and that has a lot to do with how my parents never allowed me to do so. Now that I'm older, they're obviously a bit more open to it, but I've stopped having the same desire to wear makeup as I did when I was a bit younger.

I've also always drawn a very clear line between makeup and fashion, and having one in my mind (the former) labelled as more superficial than the other, while I still appreciated its beauty. I've grown out of that "narrowmindedness" I guess is the only word I can think of using, and this video was actually really informative and interesting about why women wear makeup and the science behind some of the beauty products we use.

Cracked: 5 Ways You're Sabotaging Your Own Life (Without Even Knowing It)

My friend actually showed me this post and I thought it was just amazing. It's relatively lengthy, but definitely a must-read because it makes you question the things you do in your everyday life and the excuses that you've used over the years, preventing you from doing something that you knew you should do. It basically makes you want to get off your butt and do something.

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Forever Wrens: How to Start the School Year Right

That same friend started a student-oriented lifestyle blog just this month and she just posted about how to ensure that you start the school year off on the right foot and has really helpful tips that will steer you in the right direction. I particularly liked the one about preparing for school every night since as she said, it saves you a heck of a lot of time in the morning.

Harper's Bazaar: How to Be Happier in Just One Minute

Happiness is such a big priority for me, but of course, it's impossible to be happy all 24 hours in the day and to keep that positivity up all the time. However, there are also times when you're just having a bad day and you need a pick-me-up and this post gives you a great trick that can become routine whenever you're feeling a bit off. You might think it's (the tip) a bit pointless and given, but the same way one bad thing has the power to ruin your whole day, one happy thought can do the same.

Inc.: Arianna Huffington: Sleep Your Way to the Top

This article is nowhere near as dirty as it sounds, but it's just talking about how important sleep is to your overall success. While working hard and working smart is a good idea, overworking yourself and convincing yourself that things are too important to sleep or to take good care of your body is not.

Lone Wolf: Why is San Francisco Making New Yorkers So Uncomfortable?

It's odd because I hadn't really heard much about New Yorkers not liking San Francisco until I read this article from my favourite magazine of all time's blog. This article provokes thoughts and questions deeper than the simple topic of NYC vs. San Fran and speaks to human nature in general and how we react when feeling threatened. Definitely an interesting read.

Queen of Jet Lags: Blog Tips: How to Get into Fashion Week

Last, but not least, fashion week tips. Since Fashion Month is starting today (woot woot!), I thought it'd be appropriate to share with you this post just in case you might want to cover fashion week or get into any fashion events in your area or beyond. If you're a fashion blogger, you should definitely check this out.

Which article was your favourite? Is there an article you found that you think we should all read? Are you back in school yet? Leave your thoughts and share your comments below!

Thank you so much for reading!
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