Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Treasure Hunt: September

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Hi there! We're nearing the end of another month (crazy, isn't it?), so that means another Treasure Hunt post is in order! This month was all about the fall transition pieces as we officially leave summer behind and step into the colder months. Keep reading to see what this month's hidden gems were!

1. Chicnova Fuzzy Plaid Sweater ($37.80)

Plaid is anything but a passing trend, so whenever fall comes around, I instantly gravitate towards the red, black, and blue print. Since it's such a popular and coveted print around this time of the year, especially in the form of flannels, it can be hard to find something a bit different, but this fuzzy sweater is a perfect addition to anyone's closet.

2. Project Social T Look for Stars Tee ($29.99)

It might be a bit chillier where you are, but if it's only starting to get colder, this would act as a perfect transition piece. Pair it with a cami, bandeau, or maybe even a long-sleeved top with a similar neckline underneath and some wicked printed pants, and you have a fall outfit formula right there!

3. ASOS Burnt Sienna Felt Fedora ($42.50)

I don't know about you, but I tend to stray away from hats in the summer unless they're ball caps just because I feel like my hair is more susceptible to getting sweaty with an extra layer covering it. When the crisp weather comes, the hats can sure as hell come along for the ride as well. I love how this one is this gorgeous burnt sienna colour that can easily mask a bad hair day or act as the effortless centerpiece of an outfit.

4. Topshop Luca Squared Round Sunglasses ($9.08)

Even if summer's over, that's no reason not to wear sunglasses. I mean, the sun is still shining down on us with its UV rays that are damaging to our eyes and skin. What better way to protect your eyes than with these fall-appropriate frames from Topshop under $10?

5. ModCloth Scrapbook Ending Bag ($49.99)

This is such a timeless bag with the most beautiful metal detailing I've seen in a while. It just looks so amazingly vintage and lovely and would work well with any outfit, basically. Right now, I'm dreaming of lace ivory dresses, thick knit mustard cardigans, knee socks, and roughed-up combat boots to go with the bag.

6. Daily Look Summertime Creepers ($49.99)

Even those these are called "summertime" creepers, I think that they could definitely work in the fall and might even work better as we tend to gravitate towards darker colours this time of year. I've always loved the look of the Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane ankle boots as well as creepers and these are just a lovely a much more affordable hybrid of the two styles.

7. Topshop Tassel End Snood ($9.08)

I have a pretty extensive collection of scarves, but it never hurts to add another one, especially one this unique and inexpensive. The fact that the majority of the scarf is black makes it incredibly versatile when it comes to styling, but the colourful fringe adds a little something to an otherwise plain scarf.

8. YRU Chariot Platform ($44)

Finally, my favourite piece of the bunch for sure, these rainbow platform shoes. I added these to my Treasure Hunt favourites folder ages ago, but never got around to writing that post, so it's been sitting there since then. When I went back to go look through the folder a month or two later, I found that they were 50% off, making them the perfection addition to this list. While the colours scream "summer" and "spring," you could totally incorporate these into outfits right up until it gets too cold for open-toed shoes. Even if you don't wear them this season, they would be a great purchase for later on!

Which item was your favourite? Was there anything else that you came across this month that you think we should check out? Can you believe September's already almost over? Leave your comments and share your thoughts below!

Thank you so much for reading!
- J

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