Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunday Funday: September 21/14

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Hi there! So remember how I was telling you about my not-so-great week last week? Well, things have taken a complete 180 and are really, really great now. Despite the weather being colder than ever (but randomly warmed up yesterday), I'm starting to feel really good and comfortable in school again and it's just... really great.

I've also been really busy and I just realised this week how many things I've put on my plate. I guess the fact that school has just started and I haven't been completely swamped with homework yet is giving me the illusion that I will be able to handle it all fine, but to be completely realistic, that's probably not possible. Gosh, wish me luck guys. I'll so need it.

You might be just a bit curious as to what I've added to my plate and I can actually tell you now since I've been so scared of jinxing it for the past week or so. If you read my sophomore to-do list, you would know that I was thinking of starting a fashion club of a sort at my school, but first, I had to get it approved by the head of clubs (on student council) as well as two teachers, so I've been watching my inbox anxiously for the past few days. I was very, very worried and was almost certain that it hadn't been approved, so I didn't want to mention anything here yet, but I can now say with an enormous amount of relief that it was approved.

And I'm really, really scared.

The club fair is on Monday (aka tomorrow, aka too soon) and people can come check out the all the clubs' posters and sign up and all that. Since it's just me at the booth, I'm just a bit terrified, but I'm trying to convince my mind to convert that anxiety into excitement and adrenaline. Good thing I have a cool outfit planned out for tomorrow to calm my nerves a bit.

Another big thing for me this week was bonding with my younger brother. We've always been pretty close, but after he started guitar lessons last week, we've gotten closer with all the time we spend together hanging out and playing guitar. He's also gotten into music, specifically indie pop/rock music, so we've also been bonding over that. The only downfall is whenever he finds a song that he really likes, he's too much like me and will play it on repeat for eons, except the whole house can hear it and it just so happens that he's obsessed with a song I cannot stand right now. But that's okay.

Speaking of music, I also got a really exciting gift this week. As mentioned in my birthday goodies post, my parents "gave" me a WWD subscription, but they never got around to ordering it and I told them that with all the history reading I have to do, there's no way I'll be able to squeeze that in as well, so that could be my Christmas gift.

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Yesterday, my mom and I were out shopping and I was complaining to her about how with my brother's newfound love for music, he's also stolen all of my headphones and earbuds and how I don't really have anything that works well for myself anymore. I've been eyeing the Frends Oil Slick Taylor headphones for absolutely ages and I kind of have my hands on them now. I was originally going to pay for them myself, but my mom told me that it was going to be my birthday gift and I just really, really love them. You'll get better photos of them another time because it's extremely late as I'm writing this and the lighting will be absolutely awful. I just kind of adore how they look on my head.

Yes, I'm aware that that sounds very lame. And no, I don't really care.

Yesterday, I also went to my first Spanish class of the year which was nothing special, but the special thing happened after Spanish when B and I headed out for lunch. We went to a tiny little Indian place downtown and I got a chickpea vegetable curry with steamed vegetable with a sesame-herbal sauce on top and brown long grain rice. And it was freaking delicious. We then just chilled out, walked around Chapters, got Starbucks, and just talked. It wasn't long at all, but it was soo nice and I couldn't be more grateful that it happened.

What do you think of the Frends headphones? What music have you been a huge fan of lately? How's school going for you? Leave your comments and share your thoughts below!

Thank you so much for reading!
- J


  1. Good luck on the fashion club! *hands out luck* (not that I have much of it...XD) ANYWAY. Starting and running a club takes a lot of time and effort, but according to my friends who run one (I tried out for running the club but didn't get elected :p), you'll learn a lot and it'll be totally worth it.
    By the way, the headphones are really gorgeous!

    1. Thank you so much, Melody!!! It's going to take up a ton of my ton, I know, but I'm sure it'll be worth it. So far, the people seem AMAZING and I can't wait to work with them to maybe make something pretty great, as well.
      And yes, the headphones are simply fabulous. I can't get enough of them, if I'm honest. - J