Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday Funday: September 14/14

Hi there! It almost feels foreign to be sitting here writing again because I've been away from the whole blogging thing for about a week now. I'd prewritten a few posts to go up this week and figured that I'd write the rest as the week went by, but I just got swamped with a massive history "quiz" (what kind of a quiz is ten pages long anyway) and other work, so I just couldn't keep up with it. Something did happen this week which I won't go into detail about, but it made me realise that I do have to invest more time in school, so if I randomly stop posting for a few days, please bear with my erratic schedule. I'm just working on school stuff and I'll be back once I get things together as it's my main priority at the moment.

Lots and lots has happened this week and I'm crazy excited to tell you all about it. The only thing I'm not so crazy excited about right now is how freaking cold it is right now in Canada. The temperature is hovering dangerously close to 0 degrees and I'm wrapped up in layers upon layers of fabric and blankets to keep warm at the moment. 

And it's not even halfway through September. So not fair Canada, so not fair.

First things first, the gym! I've been getting back into except for the last few days of this week due to some prior commitments, but other than that, I've been a very good and healthy gym-goer. After going on and off during the summer, it feels so great to be back in the swing of things and I both physically and mentally feel lighter. Eating healthy and working out are the two things that a lot of people might dread doing and sometimes, I'll share that dread, but honestly, it's they are two of a handful of things that I just have to do to keep myself sane. If I start eating like crap and sitting on my butt all day, I'll start feeling like crap and it's just this constant cycle of ickiness that I just can't be bothered to deal with.

Another big thing this week was fashion week even if I barely got to check I was able to keep up with first few days, but after that when the shows just kept coming in on at the same rate as school work, I just couldn't do it. However, Twitter and Instagram were able to keep me decently informed on the ongoings of what was going on in New York and I was even able to watch the Alexander Wang show live, which was incredible. Even after only checking out a few shows, okay maybe 10, I already have a boatload of photos saved to my computer. I can't wait to sit down during Thanksgiving weekend in October (because I'm Canadian and our Thanksgiving is strangely early) and go through all the shows like the fashion freak I am.

Not that there's really anything wrong with that.

The highlight of my week was definitely on Thursday when I went to see Lorde with one of my best friends whom I'll call K for the sake of word economy. Oh, and just a warning to anyone I know personally and to whom I've already recounted this tale - you're about to here it again.

I'd been asking around for a couple of months for someone to come with me when I first heard that she was going to come to my town. It's so rare that any musician that I actually adore comes to this often-overlooked city and I was ecstatic, but pretty much no one wanted to accompany me to see her and as much as I love her, I wasn't about to go to a festival on my own.

On the Monday, I asked everyone again and got a bunch of "sorry, but I don't know many of her songs/it's a school night/other forms of I'm busy/I don't want to go with you." Of course, I have nothing against anyone who politely declined, but that didn't stop me from feeling a bit miffed and disappointed. But then, somewhere in the midst of the no's was a yes from K and I was kind of really over-the-moon happy.

Since the tickets were day passes, we figured that we'd better get the most out of it and decided to get there extra early to check out the other concerts before Lorde's a 8. We got there and hung out listening to The Strain and they are pretty wicked awesome and you should totally go check out there music here. At that point, there were about two to three people between us and the railing that separated us from the stage, which is already pretty freaking close, but then somehow between the hour that we had to wait between the end of The Strain's set and Lorde's, K managed to push her way closer to the front - bless her strong rugby physique - and got her hand on the railing. 

I was extremely impressed.

When Lorde came on, I was freaking out, she was freaking out, and basically all the teenagers and young adults were freaking out and it was pretty incredible. She started out with "Glory and Gore" and proceeded to perform almost all of the songs from Pure Heroine. She was just talking about what a cool town we were and how she was strolling around downtown that morning. She was also talking about how cool it was that you could buy books at Starbucks here, which I thought was just so amazing of her to say (even if it really isn't that big of a deal at all).

Then somewhere a bit before halfway through, K randomly grabbed my arm/hand and dragged me right to the front of the railing. Like. I was standing as close to it as I possibly could and proceeded to freak out and marvel at my sheer luck and the crazy amazing girl I'd gotten the privilege to rock out with for the night.

My favourite performance of the night was probably when she sang "Ribs" which is a song about growing up and all that, and before starting to sing, she took a good chunk of time and just talked to us about the song and the inspiration behind it. The whole time, I was just listening to her, absolutely mesmerised and captivated by her words and it was just magical, honestly. The whole night was just... magical and most definitely the best one of my life.

Basically just perfect besides the fact that I was freezing after because I dressed thinking "Coachella" instead of "this is Canada, not California."

Then on Friday, my parents had to work late, so my brother and I stayed home and made an obscene amount of sushi (I apologise if it looks unappetising - I was really tired and the knife wasn't willing to cooperate), and a grilled cheese sandwich that we split. We got a grilled cheese maker last week (I think it's actually called like a griddle or something, but the former sounds cooler, so we'll go with that) and my brother has been taking advantage of the luxury, and I finally got a bite of one on Friday, so I was very happy.

We were stuffed to the brim by the end of that, but somehow still managed to find enough room to fit some grapes afterwards which we ate while watching Joe and Zoe Sugg on YouTube. Let's just say eating while watching any of the British YouTubers is a bad idea because we nearly choked several times.

Saturday was another food day and we went to a relatively new egg restaurant that I'd been to before with another good friend of mine, and again, for the sake of word economy, I'm going to call her B. Chances are, if you've heard me talk about a "good friend of mine" in a post, 98% of the time, it's her I'm talking about. My mom suggested that we go there for lunch because she'd heard that I liked it so much last time I went with B, and I was super stoked to head there again.

This time, I had their very berry waffles which was a massive but freaking delicious plate of waffles with a myriad of different berries as toppings. My mom had the portebello mushroom and brie cheese eggs benedict which I'd really wanted to try the last time I was there, and my brother got a massive crepe with fruit inside which he actually didn't care for very much at all. My mom on the other hand loved all the food on the table, so it was all good.

That was pretty much my week. There are some big decisions (or maybe just one, aha) coming up for me next week which I'll probably let you in on after it happens, but other than that, tell me how you've been doing. How's school and all that? Or if school isn't going too well, how about tell me something great that happened this week? I'd love to hear what's been going on with you guys. :)

Thank you so much for reading!
- J

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