Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Back to School: 13 Backpacks Under $50

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Hi there!  Before I get into today's post, if you think you've seen this post before, it's because I accidentally scheduled it to go up in the wrong month.  Oopsie daisies...

Also, it's one of my best friends's birthday tomorrow, so Kailey, if you're reading this, happy early birthday!  I'm going to miss you so much next year, but I hope that we'll still keep in touch.  

Anyway, that aside, today's post will be all about backpacks.  Whenever I think of "back to school," I think of backpacks and school supply shopping.  Last year, I carried a tote-like bag for school and I really didn't like it, so this year, I decided to go for a backpack.  Keep reading for a list of my favourites!

Backpacks 2013

1.  Charlotte Russe Embroidered Skull Fabric Backpack ($29.99)

I've never seen a bag quite like this one before in my life.  Skulls have been a new favourite of mine lately and the fact that there's a huge lace skull covering the front of this backpack is simply amazing.

2.  Brandy Melville Gold Studded Backpack ($30.00)

It's pretty amazing how edgy backpacks can be.  The amazing black leather backpack is accented in the most appropriate places with gold studs.  It could really dress up any outfit because it would pretty much go with everything.  

3.  Madden Girl Bskool Backpack ($37.00)

This bag immediately caught my eye when I saw it because of it's odd shape.  It's not that weird now that I look at it more, but it seemed a lot more structured than some of the other bags I've seen that are kind of slouchy.  Despite its slightly odd shape, I love how classic the bag is with the blue and white striped and brown leather accents.

4.  PINK Backpack ($39.50)

I've been really obsessed with this backpack shape lately.  If you're as in love with this shape as I am and are looking for a simple version of it, this is the bag for you! 

5.  Forever 21 Faux Leather-Trimmed Backpack ($39.80)

Keeping with the simple theme, if you're a fan of really simple and minimalist bags that don't have a ton of unnecessary pockets, you might really like this bag.  It's such a simple and classic shape and the leather accents add the perfect amount of interest to an otherwise dull backpack.

6.  Forever 21 Quilted Faux Leather Backpack ($39.80)

If there was such thing as a trendy backpack, this would be it!  This bag really stood out for me because of how different it was to anything I've ever seen before.  The quilted leather would add such a cool edge to any outfit.  I'm picturing someone wearing a soft pink chiffon dress with this backpack and I'm literally squealing with excitement right now.

7.  Urbanog Geeky Hello Kitty Backpack ($41.40)

It might just be me, but I feel like you can never be too old to love Hello Kitty.  The sheen of the backpack is also really cool and Hello Kitty's eyes just top it all of perfectly.

8.  American Apparel Denim School Bag ($46.00)

To me, this is the perfect bag for a low-maintenance girl who is looking for something a little bit different and unique compared to your standard Jansport.  I'm in no way saying that they aren't cool (I love them as well), but if you're looking for a simple and classic bag, I think that this is the perfect one for you, even though it is a bit pricey.

9.  Brandy Melville Leather Backpack ($46.00)

Lately, leather backpacks have really fascinated me.  I'm especially in love with the one in the photo at the beginning of the post.  I've been on the hunt for a similar one, but the only ones I could find were really expensive ones on Etsy.  So you could probably imagine my surprise (and delight) when I came across this one on Brandy Melville's site.  This is one of the bags I'm seriously considering getting for school this fall, or I might splurge on a Fjallraven backpack.  Who knows.

10.  Lulu*s Studded Backpack ($47.00)

As opposed to the studded Brandy Melville backpack, this one is a beautiful cream colour.  To me, it's a classier (but still with an edge) option for a backpack compared to the black one that's much edgier.

11.  GoJane Striped Canvas Backpack ($47.50)

I don't really have much to say about this bag besides the fact that it's absolutely adorable and would go with so many things in everyone's wardrobes.

12.  Carrot Map Backpack ($49.99)

To me, this bag looks like someone just doodled all over it and I love that about the bag.  I love anything, well, almost anything, that has a DIY kind of vibe to it.

13.  Roxy Lately Backpack ($52.00)

To finish it all off, I've chosen yet another striped backpack.  I kind of cheated for this one because it is $2 over the limit, but that can be overlooked.  Right?  Maybe?  Kind of?  Not really?  Aw well, either way, it's the most vintage-looking one out of the 13 and I'm obsessed with the faded stripes paired with the light brown leather accents.  Stunning.
Which bag was your favourite?  Are you wearing a backpack to school this fall?  If not, what are you using instead?  Please leave a comment down below sharing your thoughts!

Thank you for reading!
- J


  1. Thank you Juliana for the birthday wishes, you're an amazing friend thank you soo much!!

    I find it funny that this is the post that you wished me a happy birthday in, considering you're the one that helped me pick out a back pack for school! :D

    (BTW, #2 is my fave, *big surprise*)

    1. It was my pleasure. :) Haha, and I agree with that last bit. :P

      - Juliana

      P. S. I hope that you'll really enjoy using that Aéro backpack for school next year. :)