Wednesday, August 28, 2013

How to: Transition Your Wardrobe from Summer to Fall + Outfit Ideas!

Hi there! Fall is by far my favourite fashion season because I just love layering. Where I live, it gets pretty cold in the winter, like negative 25-40 degrees Celsius (so that's negative 13-40 degrees Fahrenheit). In the summer, it gets pretty hot, too, but my birthday is in summer, so I can tolerate the heat, especially because there's no school. In the spring, it's always wet and icky from all the snow melting, so that just leaves us with fall.

Because I'm a student, I don't exactly have a big budget (and I don't want to ask my parents for the money) to spend on a new wardrobe every season, or splash out the money to get whatever I want, so I've become quite resourceful with my clothes. There will obviously be some pieces that I can only wear for one season, but the majority of my closet is full of clothes that I can style differently and layer to transition them from season-to-season.

Today, I'm going to show you four outfit ideas if you're trying to reuse your summer wardrobe this fall. This is also great for those of you who are shopping the end-of-summer sales. Enjoy!

It's all about layering.

It really is all about the layers. You can easily transform any "summer" piece into something you can sport in the fall by adding a button-up shirt over top, or a jacket. If you're not exactly sure how to layer, I'll be showing you some outfit ideas down below.

Still loving those skirts and dresses?

If you're someone who loves to or would love to wear dresses all year-round, but just find it too cold, tights and socks are going to be your best friend. Find cute ones in fun patterns instead of your traditional black to add a little something to an outfit.

Cozy, cozy, cozy.

This is probably a no-brainer, but just do your best to keep yourself warm. Scarves, hats, beanies, all of that are really nice and cozy touches to any outfit.

Add some boots!

My favourite way to wear a "summer" dress in the fall and winter is to add some boots. I'm absolutely obsessed with boots for the fall time and they're such a staple in my closet. Adding a pair of boots to a dress is a great way to add a bit of edge to your outfit. If you want to break up the harsh line of the two styles, add some socks!

Now on to the outfits!

Summer to Fall Transition Outfit #1

When I think of summer, I think of denim shorts, or just shorts in general. For the fall, add a flannel shirt, some socks, and combat boots and you're good to go! If you want to add a bit of a rocker feel to your outfit, you could pair a band tee (or something that resembles one) underneath your shirt and unbutton it for an effortlessly cool look.

1. H&M Flannel Shirt
2. Forever 21 Wide-Brimmed Fedora
3. New Look Blue Boyfriend Shorts
4. Charlotte Russe Textured Over-the Knee Socks
5. Brandy Melville Gold Crystal Necklace
6. dELiA*s Toby Boots

Summer to Fall Transition Outfit #3

I love dresses and I wear them all the time. Instead of going with traditional brown or black boots, I went for some hunter green ones for a more modern vibe. I went for a belt to cinch it in at the waist and a knit cardigan to add some warmth. The little ruffled socks are a nice finishing touch!

1. New Look Grey Hooded Knit Cardigan
2. ModCloth Meeting of Monarchs Dress
3. H&M Braided Belt
4. Topshop Ditsy Socks
5. Forever 21 Hunter Green Booties

Summer to Fall Transition #2

Crop tops were all the rage this spring and summer, so after spending your money on them, do they really have to go back in the closet until next summer? Sure, there are some of you who probably wouldn't want to be rocking this trend in the winter or whatever, but you totally can! Pair a crop top with anything high-waisted (like in this outfit), or put a cami underneath to cover up. If you feel like that strip of your midriff showing is a bit much, throw on a jacket over top.

1. Brandy Melville Giselle Top
2. H&M Jacket
3. Forever 21 Polka Dot Tights
4. Topshop Aztec Print Skater Skirt
5. ModCloth What Are You Waiting Photo Necklace
6. WetSeal Glorissa Combat Boots

Summer to Fall Transition Outfit #4

To me, summer is all about the bright colours and really bold looks. The key to transitioning those bright colours to the fall time is pairing them with more muted colours and neutrals, like I did with this outfit. Because the coral/orange top was already so bright, I paired it with sandy coloured pants and a cream lace cardigan to add some texture to the outfit. To feel extra cozy (because who doesn't like to feel cozy when it's cold outside?), I added a printed infinity scarf to add a little something, something.

1. Chicwish Lace Crochet Cardigan
2. ModCloth Fresh off the Vine Top
3. New Look Dark Red Aztec Infinity Scarf
4. American Eagle Kick Boot Pant
5. Urbanog Suede Platform Wedge
6. Urban Outfitters Studded Stretch Bracelet

Are you excited for fall? How will you be transitioning your wardrobe from summer to fall? Which pieces will be going into storage and which ones are staying on the racks? Please let me know in a comment down below and share your thoughts!

Thanks for reading!
- J

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  1. I'm really excited about fall too! I love your outfit ideas, I can see myself wearing something similar a lot. I think those, who live in the colder parts of the world really appreciate their summer. clothing and don't want to leave it to their drawers, when autumn comes. :D

    1. Thank you! And you're definitely right about that last bit! Putting away all those colourful clothes, those pretty dresses, and flirty skirts for 8+ months just seems criminal to me. ;)

      - Juliana