Friday, August 9, 2013

What to Where: A Bonfire

Night on Fire

Hi there!  First off, I'd like to wish my friend Brenda a very happy birthday!  I hope that this upcoming year will be absolutely magical for you.

Anyway, back to the post.

During the summer, you never really know how you're going to be spending your day.  Maybe, one day, you'll spontaneously decide to go to a bonfire.  (You never know...) Here are a few outfit ideas if the occasion presents itself.  Enjoy!

Bonfire 2013 #1

When I think of bonfires, I immediately think of maxi dresses.  I don't know why, but that's just a thing for me.  Because maxi dresses can be styled in really simple and generic ways, I wanted to style it a bit differently and add a unique twist to it.  I don't know how unique it actually is, but I feel like it's unique.  

Anyway, I picked out a fun graphic tee that can be worn over the dress and a belt to cinch it in at the waist.  A headwrap, fringe sandals, and wrap bracelets add a comfy feel to the look.  The neon yellow drop earrings add a bit of interest to the outfit.

1.  H&M Maxi Dress
2.  Forever 21 Iron Man Comic Muscle Tee
3.  Urban Outfitters Kerchief Headwrap
4.  Brandy Melville Wrap Bracelets
5.  ASOS Pearl Skinny Belt
6.  WetSeal Fringe Stud Sandal
7.  ASOS Perspex Triangle Earrings

Bonfire 2013 #2

This to me is a pretty comfy and casual outfit.  Well, it would be more comfortable if you take out the wedges, but some of us just need (and want!) the height.  Wedges won't sink into the sand like heels would, so that's a plus.  You can easily switch them out for sandals or flip flops.  A crop top shows off a bit of skin, so I paired it with high-waisted shorts to cover up a bit.  A choker, yes, number 2 is in fact a choker, is a quirky touch to the outfit.  I find that stacking bracelets on your wrist is always a must, so there's that.  

1.  Brandy Melville Sadie Elephant Crop Tank
2.  TopShop Chunky Chain Choker
3.  Urbanog Meow Ring
4.  WetSeal Bracelets
5.  Forever 21 Ditsy Floral Denim Shorts
6.  New Look Black Chain Edge Skinny Belt
7.  Lulu*s Cork Platform Wedge Sandals

Bonfire 2013 #3

I love the whole bustier crop top and skater skirt look, so that's what I went for!  I paired it with a light and comfy oversized cardigan because it might be chilly where you are, who knows.  A dainty bow necklace adds a bit of interest and the flatforms are just adorable.  Yeah.

1.  TopShop Lace Corset Bralet Top
2.  Miss Selfridge Ditsy Bow Necklace
3.  H&M Knit Cardigan
4.  New Look Denim Skirt
5.  ASOS Flatform Sandals

Which outfit is your favourite?  Have you ever been to a bonfire?  Or just the beach this summer?  Leave me a comment down below sharing your thoughts!

Thanks for reading!
- J


  1. When I think about bonfires, I think about maxi dresses too, especially the flowy ones. I've been loving denim clothing items, so I think I'd choose the last outfit. <3


    1. Ah, great minds think alike! :P Good to know which one was your favourite!

      - Juliana

  2. Awww! ♥ Thank you for the birthday shout out! I appreciate it very much!! I also think that the maxi dresses although may seem simple, but with the right accessories can transform into something elegant! Believe it or not, I really like the last outfit! It's so cute! XD - BT

    1. No problemo, Brenda. :) And I definitely agree about the maxi dress part!

      - Juliana